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Prescriptions without boundaries

Electronic prescriptions will be here to stay, and more is likely to come

Big data ― big concerns

Find out about what the big issues are at MEDICA 2017

FDA approves first pill with digital tracking system

New drug-device gets the FDA green light

The European eHealth patchwork

Healthcare IT continues to be insufficiently funded and supported in many parts of Europe

The People's CIO

If Diana, Princess of Wales was known as the People’s Princess, then Elena Sini, CIO at Humanitas Research Hospital in Italy would be the People...

‘Fine-tuning investment in digital’

Interview with Dr Graham Evans, North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust’s Chief Information and Technology Officer

‘CIOs will have to ensure cybersecurity is a priority’

Interview with Adrian Byrne, Director of Informatics at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Changing the mindset

Vasco Pereira is one of Portugal’s leading personalities when it comes to bringing information technology to healthcare environments

How to stay ahead of the curve as a CIO

A couple of years ago I found myself as a finalist in a ‘contest’ to become the CIIIIIO of the year in the Netherlands

OLVG in Amsterdam successfully revalidates as HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 6 hospital

Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis (OLVG) in Amsterdam has been successfully revalidated at Stage 6 of the international HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standards

Digital health vs engagement: can education round this up?

When it comes to using digital systems to deal with severe health issues, many people are reluctant to let the ‘e-doctor’ manage their health

Hands-on eHealth for medical students

Getting medical students into eHealth is a major concern. The Finnish appear to be further ahead in this respect.

Learn about the Digital Imaging Adoption Model’s (DIAM) first results in Europe and Russia at the Russian Radiology Congress

The Russian Radiology Congress will take place in Moscow on November 8-10

OPTEL launches verification and decommissioning solutions for hospital and retail pharmacies

OPTEL secures the final stage of the supply chain with verification and decommissioning solutions for hospital and retail pharmacies

Funding is top challenge for healthcare providers across Europe, reveals annual health IT report

A new survey from HIMSS Europe reveals that health IT professionals believe they do not have enough IT funding to meet the challenges they face today

artificial intelligence

AI as a multi-faceted instrument in healthcare

Some argue that AI has the power to transform care delivery and cultivate precision medicine. And just maybe, it’s already begun to do so...

Mental health chatbots - The future of therapy?

Chatbots are said to be the state-of-the-art work tool dedicated to our emotional wellness. Where and how can they support traditional psychotherapy?

The avatar revolution?

A year before Facebook was launched, Peter Brady opened an agency that would increasingly focus on the digital sphere, and later on digital health

Finnish researchers develop AI software to assess the maturity of a preterm infant’s brain from an EEG

Automatic analysis of EEG data will improve outcomes

EU Cloud in Health Advisory Council offers recommendations on health data

A Call to Action to “Enable data-driven healthcare & research for citizen benefit while protecting patient privacy” has been launched

Study finds AI advancements could revolutionise brain research

The missing piece of the puzzle

Cognitive computing is presenting an exciting route through which the healthcare sector might transform itself and it's ready to embrace...

A lesson in tackling system limitations


Matt Fisher@Matt_R_Fisher 02.11.2017
Don't miss the chance to apply to be a ambassador. Lot of fun, meet many, so much more…
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Very humbled to be part of a significant moment in healthcare as our CEO passes the batton
Lila Stavropoulou ⭐@l_stavropoulou 02.11.2017
Read why German doctors are including in their medical curriculum
HIMSS Analytics@HIMSSAnalytics 02.11.2017
OLVG in Amsterdam successfully revalidates as EMRAM Stage 6 hospital
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Have you read the free report on the importance of ownership in ? Check it out here!
HIMSS Europe@himsseurope 01.11.2017
"There is absolutely no reason to design an inaccessible website or eHealth system anymore"
How to stay ahead of the curve as a CIO
READ: newsletter featuring Artificial Intelligence on mental
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NEW: Big push towards improving access to care from
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Learn about all the latest UK news in the longest running publication of its kind in Britain…
Optel Group@OptelGroup 01.11.2017
: launches new Certa product line specially designed for hospitals and retail
HIMSS Insights@HIMSSInsights 31.10.2017
We’re at today; the campaign, sponsored by , will recognise the most innova…
Carestream@Carestream 31.10.2017
advisory board suggest image conscious is the key to the of management
GE Healthcare@GEHealthcare 31.10.2017
BJHC News@BJHC_news 31.10.2017
Find out more about the model at the stand at or speak to the team to g…
IBM Watson Health@IBMWatsonHealth 31.10.2017
We’re at today; the campaign, sponsored by , will recognise the most innova…