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BLOG: Rare disease patients in limbo from Brexit negotiations

Will patients will suffer unless there is a new partnership on science and research between the EU and the UK after Brexit?

HIMSS Europe and Health 2.0 to host the most influential digital health event in Europe

The HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 Conference will include big names in healthcare innovation such as Robert Wachter, Helen Bevan and Lucien Engelen

‘Precision medicine is already here,’ says Microsoft at HIMSS18

Computing giant uses annual HIMSS event in Chicago to highlight advancements in genomics and announce the arrival of new ‘intelligent health’ tools

Cybersecurity Pulse-check

WannaCry took many healthcare organisations by surprise, exposing the risk of a slack approach to routine system updates

'Compassionate care has to be a whole healthcare system approach'

One frequent complaint among patients is the lack of empathy they perceive from healthcare professionals

Moving towards a holistic healthcare ecosystem

Sweden is on the verge of a major reshuffle of its healthcare IT infrastructures.

Not all Europeans are created as equals

Europe is divided once again. The digital patient is a reality in some countries, while in many others, the paper patient continues to dominate

HIMSS acquires Healthbox to enter the innovation consulting field

The acquisition will enable HIMSS to offer hospitals guidance about bringing innovation into their systems

‘Confluence of forces’ to drive AI uptake in healthcare

Frustration with legacy IT systems and the ubiquitous use of mobile devices will drive the adoption of AI in healthcare, says US report

Nominations open for 2nd HIMSS-Elsevier Digital Healthcare Award in Europe

Call for outstanding ICT projects and innovations in healthcare to be nominated, in celebration of industry best practice

Help! The hospital CIO is being stretched!

Some recent evolutions are making life more complex for hospital CIOs if not more interesting

BLOG: Big and small data - Solutions for hospitals hidden in databases

Let's use the potential of IT to increase the quality of treatments and co-ordinate care. A data management strategy is needed...

Ghanaian telemedicine project leads the field in developing world

A successful telemedicine pilot in Ghana may hold the key to improving access to quality medical care in other developing countries

Nanomedicine takes giant leap forward in fight against cancer

Chinese and American researchers join forces to develop ground-breaking robotic technology that successfully shrinks tumours

More than 150 hospitals in Turkey achieve HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 6 in one year

In total, 166 hospitals have now been validated at Stage 6 of the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Model (EMRAM) in Turkey


Isn’t it time to get valuable insights off integrated healthcare data silos?

Vast – and increasing – swathes of patient-related data are now available, creating an opportunity for more effective diagnostics, says Tonya Stewart

Value: the new AI frontier

Artificial Intelligence has established a convincing foothold in healthcare, with its benefits increasingly well understood by clinicians and patients

Exciting times ahead as digital pathology and AI meet

AI will become “a critical tool in the tool box” for pathologists

'Hospital departments work differently. A consultative approach is key in enterprise imaging'

Massimo Angileri, Carestream Vice President Sales & Service Europe, describes the shifts that will take place as new accessibility models take...

King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh becomes first in the world to achieve DIAM Stage 6

HIMSS Analytics® announced today that King Abdulaziz Medical City (KAMC) Riyadh has achieved Stage 6 on the Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM)

More safety, or less innovation?

The European Medical Device Regulation has come into effect, and its potential implications for health IT continue to be under the microscope

Hyland is addressing the clinical blind spot

Digitising patient information is a step in the right direction, but siloed repositories of digital information are not the desired outcome

medavis RIS drives efficiency and quality at top Macedonian hospital

Acıbadem Sistina in Skopje, Macedonia, has put the medavis RIS at the heart of its strategy.

AI as a multi-faceted instrument in healthcare

Some argue that AI has the power to transform care delivery and cultivate precision medicine. And just maybe, it’s already begun to do so...

Hospital Márcio Cunha achieves HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7

Hospital Márcio Cunha (Ipatinga, Brazil) has been successfully validated at Stage 7 of the international HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standards

Image conscious decision making is the key to the future of data management

Data ownership, management and integration emerged as the most powerful technology drivers at Carestream Health’s Advisory Board in Dublin.

RIS investment boosts diagnosis and treatment flows at Bahrain University Hospital

The King Hamad University Hospital (KHUH) in Bahrain has significantly enhanced the productivity and efficiency of its radiology department.


: The Brexit Health Alliance has raised concerns that patients will suffer unless there is a new partnership…
HIMSS UK@HIMSS_UK 17.03.2018
'A growing body of research shows computer algorithms may soon outperform human pathologists in both accuracy and s…
As gains a convincing foothold in , we travel across Europe to see if systems are up to speed. Check…
Carestream@Carestream 17.03.2018
HIMSS Europe@himsseurope 16.03.2018
‘Confluence of forces’ to drive uptake in healthcare
HIMSS UK@HIMSS_UK 16.03.2018
'The next wave of technology needs to focus on the patient experience, either in the way patients in…
Novartis Foundation@NovartisFDN 16.03.2018
: Ghanaian project leads the field in developing world
HIMSS@HIMSS 16.03.2018
Dillan Yogendra@DillanYogendra1 15.03.2018
NEW BLOG: Rare disease in limbo from negotiations via
NEW: The Brexit Health Alliance has raised concerns that patients will suffer unless there is a new partnership on…
eHealth_EU@eHealth_EU 15.03.2018
The sector is booming as giants like Apple, Google and Amazon are openly moving into it with p…
HIMSS Analytics@HIMSSAnalytics 14.03.2018
: More than 150 hospitals in achieve EMRAM Stage 6 in only one year
HIMSS UK@HIMSS_UK 14.03.2018
' succeeded mostly because of basic cybersecurity housekeeping failures' says , but will it also…
Stalis Ltd@StalisLtd 14.03.2018 Is Sweden leading the charge to patient driven involvement in ?
As gains a convincing foothold in , we travel across Europe to see if systems are up to speed. Check…
Dillan Yogendra@DillanYogendra1 14.03.2018
Here's the latest newsletter around why not all Europeans are equal, & much more:…
: 'Compassionate care has to be a whole system healthcare approach'