Spreading Like WildFHIR?

There is a new kid on the healthcare IT standards block: HL7 is working hard on the new FHIR format which has recently been published as a draft standard. What is it, and why is it so hot? [More]

A Bright Idea In Cloudy Times

By Gary Flood
After receiving a rare surgical procedure, UK businessman Michael Seres decided there had to be a better way. So he came up with one – Bluetooth powered sensor technology that sends signals to a free mobile app, allowing patients to both set alarms, plus share data with their doctors. [More]

Can mHealth Save The World?

By Harry Wood
Could the convergence of technologies, action and hope really offer more than hype and a way forward for a myriad of healthcare problems facing the world? This article looks at some of the factors that could mean profound change is on the way. [More]

IT For Hunters And Gatherers

By Anna Engberg
Clinical research does not usually cause any headaches, unless it is investigator-driven and non-profit. Most striking above all barriers is the lack of adequate information technology. A new German report reveals the most severe backlogs from identity management to clinical trials registries. However, recent developments at Europe’s biggest cancer research association, EORTC, promise progress – to some extent. [More]

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