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Learn about the Digital Imaging Adoption Model’s (DIAM) first results in Europe and Russia at the Russian Radiology Congress

The Russian Radiology Congress will take place in Moscow on November 8-10

OPTEL launches verification and decommissioning solutions for hospital and retail pharmacies

OPTEL secures the final stage of the supply chain with verification and decommissioning solutions for hospital and retail pharmacies

Funding is top challenge for healthcare providers across Europe, reveals annual health IT report

A new survey from HIMSS Europe reveals that health IT professionals believe they do not have enough IT funding to meet the challenges they face today

eHealth Tallinn 2017 focuses on the impact that a digital transformation of healthcare systems could have on society

Over 600 digital health experts from Europe and across the globe have gathered in Tallinn as part of the eHealth Tallinn 2017 conference

European Kate Granger Awards are back for another year

HIMSS Europe will launch the second year of the European Kate Granger Awards for Compassionate Care at eHealth Tallinn, Estonia on 16-18 Oct 2017

Cross-border digital health vision puts Estonian innovation centre-stage in Tallinn

Digital innovation - The Italian job

What actions need to be taken to develop eHealth in Italy?

New 3D printing centre for healthcare opens in Sweden

A new 3D printing lab has been set up in Sweden to accelerate product development

EU Cloud in Health Advisory Council offers recommendations on health data

A Call to Action to “Enable data-driven healthcare & research for citizen benefit while protecting patient privacy” has been launched

Allscripts closes acquisition of McKesson Enterprise Information Solutions portfolio

McKesson Enterprise Information Solutions deal doubles the Allscripts EHR count in the US

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust achieves HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 6

London hospital becomes the fourth organisation in England to reach Stage 6 of the internationally recognised HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption Model

Drone delivered healthcare?

Will 2018 be the year of innovation for healthcare logistics?

How a global epidemic can drive innovation and efficiency at the heart of patient care

Helping the UAE healthcare providers manage diabetes, has allowed Hicom to understand the benefits of fully integrated information systems

Liberté Egalité Pataquès

More and more French hospitals are using data to improve patient outcomes to boost communication between patients and caregivers

Exclusive: IT to support WHO’s assistive products initiative

With more than two billion people estimated to live in need of assistive products by 2050, the WHO says IT can ease pressures on the ecosystem

big data

‘Can we empower patients to become their own data guardians?’

Interview with Professor Christof von Kalle, German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ) in Heidelberg

Decision support: Making a difference can be easy

Digital alerts are among the most straight-forward healthcare IT tools to substantially improve patient care. Why aren’t these tools ubiquitous?

HIMSS IMPACT: So what’s all the fuss about?

There’s a big buzz around Big Data in our industry, right?

‘Informing individual patient care with Big Data and predictive analytics is the Holy Grail these days’

Interview with Lou Fiore, Executive Director of the VA’s Massachusetts Veterans Epidemiology Research and Information Centre and Professor of Medicine

Discuss the game-changing effects of Big Data at new HIMSS event

eHealth Week, patient data

Pharmaceutical research goes big data

eHealth Week, European Commission

Influential eHealth conference opens discussion around the right to securely access health data

eHealth Week, European Commission

More political commitment needed, says European Commission

Big data

Big data – the race is on!

digital health, mHealth

2017 Health ICT trends

healthcare IT

Big Push Ahead

digital health

São João Hospital Center in Portugal recognised at inaugural European awards ceremony for achieving outstanding ICT results


Philipp Grätzel@dukla_DE 23.10.2017
: Decision support: making a difference can be easy
Shandy@shandiavythilin 23.10.2017
Funding becomes the top challenge for in reveals annual survey 🇪🇺
: can we empower patients to become their own guardians?
Inspired by someone who works in ? Nominations are open for
Optel Group@OptelGroup 23.10.2017
: announces to extended its expertise for industry to hospitals and retail
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Great opportunity to join and be part of a global team | HIMSS Europe
HIMSS Europe@himsseurope 23.10.2017
Annual Survey has revealed that funding for needed in the Europe 🇪🇺 Read more:…
HIMSS Europe@himsseurope 22.10.2017
first results are presented at The Russian Radiology Congress in Moscow
eHealthTallinn@eHealthTallinn 21.10.2017
RECAP: Cross-boarders vision puts Estonia centre-stage in Tallinn
: Making a difference to decision support can be easy!
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The is widely used and referred to around the world - Dana Thomas
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Have you read the free report on the importance of ownership in ? Check it out here!
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We welcome Media Partner of Digital Health Summit :
HIMSS Europe@himsseurope 20.10.2017
Learn about the Digital Imaging Adoption Model’s (DIAM) first results in Europe and Russia via
READ: Learn about the Digital Imaging Adoption Model at the Radiology
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New from the : Lack of 'good quality data' is a stumbling block for hubs, says director