Digitising Emergency Care - How Far Are We In Europe?

Every second counts when it comes to medical emergencies and an increasing number of European hospitals are harnessing cutting-edge IT and medical technology to improve trauma treatment times. How is trauma treatment being transformed by innovative IT solutions? [More]

Individual approach beats ‘one size fits all’ in the O.R.

By Healthtech Wire
Hospitals can benefit greatly from digital O.R. integration projects. But integration needs to be performed with the right focus in order to have a true impact on productivity in the long-term. Off-the-shelf product packages that rigidly focus on integration of video sources in the O.R. fall short of what can be achieved by a more encompassing approach, says Dennis Kogan. He is Managing Director of S-CAPE, a specialist for digital O.R. integration solutions. The company will showcase its digital O.R. and Clinic integration solutions at Medica 2014 in Düsseldorf. [More]

The Next Generation Of mHealth

By Harry Wood
mHealth technologies are revolutionising healthcare by improving connectivity and access to information; now the added dimension of mDiagnostics – low cost, rapid diagnostics capability added to the smartphone – will improve care even further, especially for millions of disadvantaged people across the world. [More]

Big Data For Outbreak Detection? Beware Of The Pitfalls!

By Philipp Gratzel von Gratz
The Ebola epidemic in Western Africa has once again sparked discussions on whether public internet sources should be analysed more regularly to detect infectious disease outbreaks earlier and to monitor their course more closely. But how to best translate digital public health alerts into action that make a difference remains unclear. [More]

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