Stop The Patient! Are We Overdoing Patient Engagement?

Is patient engagement in eHealth scenarios really only positive? Or is the prize that healthcare IT projects have to pay for taking patient engagement seriously too high in the end? [More]

Patient Apps– A Medical Miracle?

By Anna Engberg
The health-related smartphone app market is confusingly complex with new health apps that pop up every day and disappear again just as quickly. For those seeking reliable health information or even managing their health or chronic diseases via mobile applications, this is a problem. [More]

Liberté? Egalité? Santé! A Look At Healthcare In France

By Harry Wood
As the annual World of Health IT (WoHIT14) conference moves to the Mediterranean resort of Nice this April, we take a brief swim around the French healthcare system. [More]

A Doctor Of Your Choice

By Anna Engberg
With the EU Directive for patient rights in cross border healthcare coming into force, medical tourism is set to gain acceptance. Beyond emergency cases, the new law significantly simplifies care provision for EU citizens seeking medical treatment in other EU countries. [More]

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