New blog: Patient engagement. Don’t fall in love with technology too much.

Digital patient involvement can be done, but it is not easy. A recent and rather disappointing clinical trial is just another case in point.


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Great opportunity to join and be part of a global team | HIMSS Europe
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Annual Survey has revealed that funding for needed in the Europe 🇪🇺 Read more:…
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first results are presented at The Russian Radiology Congress in Moscow
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RECAP: Cross-boarders vision puts Estonia centre-stage in Tallinn
: Making a difference to decision support can be easy!
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The is widely used and referred to around the world - Dana Thomas
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Have you read the free report on the importance of ownership in ? Check it out here!
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We welcome Media Partner of Digital Health Summit :
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Learn about the Digital Imaging Adoption Model’s (DIAM) first results in Europe and Russia via
READ: Learn about the Digital Imaging Adoption Model at the Radiology
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New from the : Lack of 'good quality data' is a stumbling block for hubs, says director
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What impact can digital have on systems on society?
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We’re thrilled to be at today as shares our vision for digital transformation of the NHS.…
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NEWS: announces to extended its expertise for industry to hospitals and retail