European healthcare is moving on from dipping its toes into the digital space and starting to fully engage with the technological revolution, but emerging threats show cybersecurity cannot be an afterthought. Our hub brings you the latest on ransomware, compliance, risk and other topics.

Cybersecurity Pulse-check

WannaCry took many healthcare organisations by surprise, exposing the risk of a slack approach to routine system updates

‘CIOs will have to ensure cybersecurity is a priority’

Interview with Adrian Byrne, Director of Informatics at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

EU to boost cybersecurity defence with new proposals

European Union to strengthen cybersecurity defence

Will healthcare IT go blockchain?

patient access, data

More communication on access and privacy needed, says Maltese MoH

blockchain, integrated care

You’ve heard of bitcoin… now it’s blockchain!

Blockchain: Could it make interoperability issues a thing of the past?


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