Integrated Care

Interoperability needs to be at the core of digital technology design to drive population health management. Without software that can collaborate, truly joined-up care will remain a pipedream. Our hub will give you the latest on health information exchange everything related to integrated care.

BLOG: Data creators to data innovators

What will the healthcare technology trends be that will be key to transforming care in Europe?

Europe inches forward on IT integration

The IHE initiative has been working hard to introduce interoperability in clinics, hospitals and national health information exchanges

Guest blog post: Data creators to data innovators

Healthcare systems across Europe were traditionally need-based and the focus has been on reactive care.


The secret of social care integration

population health

‘Putting data in the hands of clinicians key to population health’


Telepsychiatry market has ‘come of age’, according to new report

Integrated care

Spain’s BSA tops global list for continuity of care

Big data

Big data – the race is on!


English hospitals pioneers in robotic surgery

Integrated care

The power of patient engagement

Trust, partnership

Finland: Trust is ‘the new currency’ – fuelled by data!

patient power

‘By empowering the patient, you automatically empower care-givers’

Integrated care, Sitra

Trust accelerates digital transformation in healthcare

NHS Confederation, integrated care

Ensuring smooth birth of post-Brexit healthcare baby

patient data

Is data ownership a basic human right?

‘We still know little about the science of human genomes and their impact on wellbeing’

data sharing

BMJ: Simple data sharing is not enough for public health gains

apps, wearables

Medical devices: a morphing market!

A new day for precision medicine

Population health management: is it delivering the goods?

NHS, paperless

'The Royal is ready for Paper Free'

Healthcare Information Exchange – Who's leading the way?

Ali Parsa, babylon

‘Take to your patients the technology of tomorrow’

big data

Healthcare big data looks set to hit big time

EMC, eHealth Week

eHealth Week 2016 puts patient centre stage

big data

The top tech trends transforming healthcare big data

sue hill, genomics

The end of the line for one-size-fits-all medicine

Integrated care

Integrated care - not all about the technology, says IDC chief



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