As the power of digital leadership is establishing its role in many strategies across the board, we aim to bring you weekly accounts of informaticians that actually deliver. From implementation to sign-off reviews, we will showcase best practice examples and let you know what you need to stay away from.

The People's CIO

If Diana, Princess of Wales was known as the People’s Princess, then Elena Sini, CIO at Humanitas Research Hospital in Italy would be the People...

Changing the mindset

Vasco Pereira is one of Portugal’s leading personalities when it comes to bringing information technology to healthcare environments

How to stay ahead of the curve as a CIO

A couple of years ago I found myself as a finalist in a ‘contest’ to become the CIIIIIO of the year in the Netherlands


OLVG in Amsterdam successfully revalidates as HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 6 hospital

Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis (OLVG) in Amsterdam (Netherlands) has been successfully revalidated at Stage 6 of the international HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standards. In demonstrating compliance against the standards OLVG has reaffirmed its commitment to use technology to improve patient safety and the overall quality of clinical care.

Hands-on eHealth for medical students

Getting medical students into eHealth is a major concern. German doctors have recently decided to include digital health in their medical curriculum. The Finnish appear to be further ahead in this respect. The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oulu in Finland recently invited medical students and eHealth companies to a joint demo day...

Funding is top challenge for healthcare providers across Europe, reveals annual health IT report

A new survey from HIMSS Europe released this week has revealed that healthcare and IT professionals across a multitude of European countries believe they do not have enough IT funding to meet the challenges they face today.

Allscripts closes acquisition of McKesson Enterprise Information Solutions portfolio

Allscripts will continue investing in the McKesson Paragon EHR as a solution for smaller hospitals, while Sunrise will remain the primary offering

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust achieves HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 6

London hospital becomes the fourth organisation in England to reach Stage 6 of the internationally recognised HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM).

Children’s Hospital Ljubljana achieves HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 6

Ljubljana Children’s Hospital and PICU, operating within the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia, has been successfully validated at Stage 6 of the HIMSS Analytics international standards.

HIMSS Europe launches Future50

HIMSS Europe has launched Future50, a new initiative designed to bring together the top 50 leaders in healthcare IT across UK and Europe, supported by IBM Watson Health, that aims to further the field's transformation...

A lesson in tackling system limitations

With its latest NHS partnerships and the ‘Streams’ app, the AI hub has been fostering best practice sharing across the system.

Cerner CEO and Chairman loses cancer fight at 67


WEBINAR: Taking the Journey towards EMRAM Stages 6 and 7

corbridge, eHealth

The digital hospital in a box...


HIMSS Analytics launches second Annual European eHealth Survey

Izmir Gaziemir Nevvar Salih Isgören Devlet Hastanesi Hospital achieves HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 6

cancer care

New US cancer network coming to Europe?

analytics, EMRAM

Glintt becomes the first organisation in Portugal to be certified as a HIMSS Analytics Consultant

'Living Well with Dementia' initiative leader Eilis Hession wins European Kate Granger Award for Compassionate Care

Hyland set to acquire Lexmark’s Perceptive Software business

Thoma Bravo, a private equity company based in Chicago that owns Hyland, is close to buying Lexmark’s Enterprise Software business.

The app route to patient engagement

The CIO conundrum

Problem solving with a passion

Centralisation set to transform European healthcare

Global digital exemplars - a blueprint for success?

Harnessing the digital revolution

Stage 6, EMRAM

Cascais becomes first Portuguese Stage 6 hospital

Blog: Enhancing clinical data with wearables



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