As the power of digital leadership is establishing its role in many strategies across the board, we aim to bring you weekly accounts of informaticians that actually deliver. From implementation to sign-off reviews, we will showcase best practice examples and let you know what you need to stay away from.

HIMSS Europe Future50 list of digital healthcare leaders revealed

HIMSS Europe has revealed the list of the top fifty names in digital health who have made it into the Future50 community

Help! The hospital CIO is being stretched!

Some recent evolutions are making life more complex for hospital CIOs if not more interesting

BLOG: Interoperability - what’s taking us so long?

Interoperability: from a systems to a human communication problem


Digital health in Italy: The race is on

Italian healthcare may not be at the level of digital maturity of some other European countries, but it’s made significant progress in the past year, with six Italian hospitals now at EMRAM Stage 6 – no mean feat when budgets for hospitals have been frozen at the same level for the past ten years. But the focus is on getting digital services to...

US FDA: Digital health remains at top of agenda for 2018

After what was widely viewed in the US as a groundbreaking year for digital health oversight, the country’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to maintain its focus on easing the pathway for innovative technology and devices.

Vimercate hospital in Italy successfully revalidates as EMRAM Stage 6 hospital

Vimercate hospital in the region of Lombardia (Italy) has been successfully revalidated at Stage 6 of the international HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standards on 14 December 2017.

The 2017 EMRAM trailblazers

New figures from HIMSS Analytics reveal that around 200 hospitals from Europe and Latin America were validated at Stage 6 and 7 of the EMRAM last year.

BLOG: A look into the crystal ball - The European eHealth agenda for 2018

Europe is great. You start to think about a blog post on next year’s eHealth agenda, and within minutes you find yourself studying online dictionaries in various languages because you realise that predicting the future is not the same in different parts of our world.

BLOG: We must keep investing in leadership

The release of the 2nd HIMSS Analytics Annual European eHealth Survey has recently provided us with a wealth of new data highlighting the key issues facing healthcare providers in the digital space. But although the findings pointed to the usual suspects in terms of challenges, a number of interesting variations emerged – particularly regarding...

St Jansdal Hospital achieves HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7

St Jansdal Hospital in the Netherlands has successfully validated at Stage 7 of the international HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standards.

King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh becomes first in the world to achieve DIAM Stage 6

HIMSS Analytics® announced today that King Abdulaziz Medical City (KAMC) Riyadh has achieved Stage 6 on the Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM). This model is an international benchmark for the use of advanced digitization in imaging IT to improve patient care. KAMC Riyadh is the first facility in the world to achieve this high level of...

A hospital is not a yacht. It is a cruise ship

Being the head of hospital IT is not about working quietly on details that no one else is bothered about any more. These days, a hospital CIO is in the centre of a perfect storm, which is great on the one hand. Never before has the job been so diverse. But it can also distract from the path ahead. Sometimes, innovative ideas have to grow.

BLOG: HIMSS Analytics EMRAM criteria changes. What to expect and how to prepare

The HIMSS Analytics’ EMRAM was produced and first released in the US in 2005 and later to Europe in 2010. Since that time, only a relatively small number of changes have been made to the model.

Prioritising the providers

After an extensive search process for a new leader to replace Stephen Lieber as the President and CEO of HIMSS, Hal Wolf, former Chief Operating Officer of Kaiser Permanente, has stepped into the new role. In an exclusive interview, the digital health veteran gives us an insight into his plans for the HIMSS global footprint.

Hospital Unimed Volta Redonda achieves HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7

Hospital Unimed Volta Redonda (Volta Redonda, Brazil) as been successfully validated at Stage 7 of the international HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standards.

Hospital Márcio Cunha achieves HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7

Hospital Márcio Cunha (Ipatinga, Brazil) has been successfully validated at Stage 7 of the international HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standards.

Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires achieves HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7

Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina) has been successfully validated at Stage 7 of the international HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standards.

The People's CIO

If Diana, Princess of Wales was known as the People’s Princess, then Elena Sini, Chief Information Officer at Humanitas Research Hospital in Rozzano, Italy would be the People’s CIO. A health IT specialist with a heart, Sini speaks to Insights about the key role that CIOs play in healthcare organisations today.

Changing the mindset

In his current role, Vasco Pereira as CEO of Hospital de Cascais has overseen the management of a fully digitised hospital and even achieved level 6 of the HIMSS EMRAM scale in 2016. Insights finds out how the institution is bearing the fruits of his hard work.

How to stay ahead of the curve as a CIO

A couple of years ago I found myself as a finalist in a ‘contest’ to become the CIIIIIO of the year in the Netherlands. To be a ‘single I’ CIO and deal with information systems only was apparently no longer enough to be the digital leader of the organisation. This is true for all industries, and even more so for a healthcare CIO. And here’s why...

OLVG in Amsterdam successfully revalidates as HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 6 hospital

Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis (OLVG) in Amsterdam (Netherlands) has been successfully revalidated at Stage 6 of the international HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standards. In demonstrating compliance against the standards OLVG has reaffirmed its commitment to use technology to improve patient safety and the overall quality of clinical care.

Hands-on eHealth for medical students

Getting medical students into eHealth is a major concern. German doctors have recently decided to include digital health in their medical curriculum. The Finnish appear to be further ahead in this respect. The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oulu in Finland recently invited medical students and eHealth companies to a joint demo day...

Funding is top challenge for healthcare providers across Europe, reveals annual health IT report

A new survey from HIMSS Europe released this week has revealed that healthcare and IT professionals across a multitude of European countries believe they do not have enough IT funding to meet the challenges they face today.

Allscripts closes acquisition of McKesson Enterprise Information Solutions portfolio

Allscripts will continue investing in the McKesson Paragon EHR as a solution for smaller hospitals, while Sunrise will remain the primary offering

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust achieves EMRAM Stage 6

London hospital becomes the fourth organisation in England to reach Stage 6 of the internationally recognised HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM).

Children’s Hospital Ljubljana achieves HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 6

Ljubljana Children’s Hospital and PICU, operating within the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia, has been successfully validated at Stage 6 of the HIMSS Analytics international standards.

HIMSS Europe launches Future50

HIMSS Europe has launched Future50, a new initiative designed to bring together the top 50 leaders in healthcare IT across UK and Europe, supported by IBM Watson Health, that aims to further the field's transformation...

A lesson in tackling system limitations

With its latest NHS partnerships and the ‘Streams’ app, the AI hub has been fostering best practice sharing across the system.



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