As the power of digital leadership is establishing its role in many strategies across the board, we aim to bring you weekly accounts of informaticians that actually deliver. From implementation to sign-off reviews, we will showcase best practice examples and let you know what you need to stay away from.

BLOG: Interoperability - what’s taking us so long?

Interoperability: from a systems to a human communication problem

Digital health in Italy: The race is on

Italian healthcare may not be at the level of digital maturity of some other European countries, but it’s made significant progress in the past year

US FDA: Digital health remains at top of agenda for 2018

US FDA releases Strategic Policy Roadmap


corbridge, eHealth

The digital hospital in a box...


HIMSS Analytics launches second Annual European eHealth Survey

Izmir Gaziemir Nevvar Salih Isgören Devlet Hastanesi Hospital achieves HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 6

cancer care

New US cancer network coming to Europe?

analytics, EMRAM

Glintt becomes the first organisation in Portugal to be certified as a HIMSS Analytics Consultant

'Living Well with Dementia' initiative leader Eilis Hession wins European Kate Granger Award for Compassionate Care

Hyland set to acquire Lexmark’s Perceptive Software business

Thoma Bravo, a private equity company based in Chicago that owns Hyland, is close to buying Lexmark’s Enterprise Software business.

The app route to patient engagement

The CIO conundrum

Problem solving with a passion

Centralisation set to transform European healthcare

Global digital exemplars - a blueprint for success?

Harnessing the digital revolution

Stage 6, EMRAM

Cascais becomes first Portuguese Stage 6 hospital

Blog: Enhancing clinical data with wearables

UK e-Health Week

NHS: Health and care IT skills gap ‘hindering progress’

Will Smart, CIO, NHS England

NHS England CIO speaks out on digital transformation

maxine mackintosh, healthtech women

Interview: Women in healthcare IT

Keith McNeil, CCIO

UK e-Health Week: top speakers confirmed!

‘We need to change, adapt and keep moving forward’

maxine mackintosh, healthtech women

Striking the right gender balance

Yvonne Goff

CCIO – Among the weeds or not?

Stephen Lieber

HIMSS CEO to retire at end of 2017; Search underway

Dell EMC, clinical data

Three ways to provide integrated and personalised care

CIOs: Transform or die?



HIMSS Insights@HIMSSInsights 19.02.2018
The new TRENDBAROMETER survey wave has now started! This time, it focuses on the use of in… https://t.co/WWEdvXgEPt
HIMSS Insights@HIMSSInsights 19.02.2018
NEW: More than 150 hospitals in achieve EMRAM Stage 6 in only one year… https://t.co/PAcqwEjeZH
Mia@healthurbanista 19.02.2018
Mirko De Maldè@mirkodemal 19.02.2018
The article correctly points out that Italy is doing an effort, in p… https://t.co/XwpYk1e1k1
HIMSS Insights@HIMSSInsights 18.02.2018
: unveils controversial bill to boost 'innovation' https://t.co/Niqq6UB6J9
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HIMSS Insights@HIMSSInsights 17.02.2018
HIMSS Europe@himsseurope 16.02.2018
Healthtech incubator launched to put 'Belgium on the world map' | Update via https://t.co/yyBQSvAUwthttps://t.co/6Vpt3jNxDt
HIMSS Insights@HIMSSInsights 16.02.2018
The new TRENDBAROMETER survey wave has now started! This time, it focuses on the use of in… https://t.co/wrdS49eXo8
HIMSS Insights@HIMSSInsights 16.02.2018
HIMSS Insights@HIMSSInsights 16.02.2018
NEW: unveils controversial bill to boost 'innovation' https://t.co/Niqq6UB6J9
Dillan Yogendra@DillanYogendra1 16.02.2018
Pertinent new post around - what’s taking us so long? via https://t.co/ptG9Pr2CxP
HIMSS Insights@HIMSSInsights 15.02.2018
: Canada - new system means doctors can see patients' skin without using the scalpel https://t.co/6MRPNvlrlw
HIMSS Insights@HIMSSInsights 14.02.2018
HIMSS Europe@himsseurope 14.02.2018
Compassion vs. computers: Does it have to be a tug of war? |Blog via https://t.co/xa5geJTuY4
HIMSS Insights@HIMSSInsights 13.02.2018
: Compassion vs. computers - does it have to be a tug of war? https://t.co/tfbodiQ1bZ
Dillan Yogendra@DillanYogendra1 12.02.2018
How is on the verge of a major reshuffle? We interview to find out the inside scoo… https://t.co/5FjFlCXmyn
HIMSS Insights@HIMSSInsights 12.02.2018
The new TRENDBAROMETER survey wave has now started! This time, it focuses on the use of in… https://t.co/W9Rs7sctzt