Patient outcomes drive healthcare. Be it on paper or on a phone, we recognise safety and improvement comes above everything. But with an overwhelming amount of studies showing technology can produce cost-savings and improve our health, we will show you the results and impact of digitisation.

OPTEL conducting pilot project with Oxford University Hospitals

OPTEL signs agreement with Oxford University Hospitals

BLOG: Ethics in eHealth. Let's talk about equity

There is little doubt that the increasing access to electronic tools for public health suggests that the future of healthcare is digital

Shift happens

Are hospitals morphing into something new?


Finnish researchers develop AI software to assess the maturity of infant’s brain

The software will help professionals develop plans for the ‘best possible care’ for a preterm infant.

Hospitals Get Green Treatment

Transforming Healthcare Delivery – The Latvian Way

Cross-border Health Information Exchange - The Effort Is Worth It!

Karina Marcus: Meet the Needs

Finland To Switch Off Paper-based Prescriptions In 2017

Irish eHealth Has A New Leader

Digital Help For Better National Health

Renewed growth at the eighth edition of conhIT in 2015

All the latest healthcare IT products at conhIT 2015

conhIT 2014: Medication safety requires action on many levels

Focus on the customer"

Web-based solutions in outpatient care"

Investing in consulting services is worthwhile

Process support by Health IT: A lot more than cost containment

Canadas leading provider of healthcare liability insurance uses Datix to deliver superior risk assessment to its subscribers

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre selects Datix for integrated incident, complaints and risk management

Steve Lieber

mHealth Summit Europe: Berlin Summit will be the mHealth focal point for Europe

HIMSS Europe offers online education session on Clinical Decision Support in cooperation with Wolters Kluwer Health

HIMSS Analytics and IIA launch 1st healthcare analytics benchmarking service

Turkish Ministry of Health signs to kick-start digital hospitals project

IHE and HIMSS Europe present continuity of care in the Interoperability Showcase at WoHIT 2014

Harness the power of speech to take European health IT to the next level

Is Strategic Interoperability the New Frontier for Healthcare IT?

Increasing the ROI of the EMR



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