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Transforming eHealth training - the transatlantic way

Discover the latest developments regarding a new EU/US project which promises to transform eHealth training using a "ground-breaking interactive...
James Poehlmann and Geoff Clemmons

‘Many companies are touting their analytics solutions, but most of them are focused on clinical metrics’

Medway Community Healthcare uses Datix to drive continual improvements in patient safety


Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group expands Datix patient safety software to drive GP Feedback programme

paperless NHS

New electronic document management solution launched to boost NHS hospitals paperless drive

Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust selects Datix Risk Register to manage risk and support regulatory compliance

‘If you look at any of the newsworthy tragedies in my field, the phrase that always comes up in reports is, “failure to communicate”’

New CQC inspection domains – why it’s time to take notice and stay one step ahead

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust selects Datix software for patient safety and to monitor CQC compliance

New research: accuracy and completeness of clinical documentation within NHS

Anoto awarded major digital pen contract by the Welsh Ambulance Service Trust

The Way Of The Vikings

Building Bridges – We Should Abandon National Standards

The American Invasion


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