'Compassionate care has to be a whole healthcare system approach'

One frequent complaint among patients is the lack of empathy they perceive from healthcare professionals.

BARCELONA, Spain - (HealthTech Wire / News) — Many patients with a serious disease recall the moment in which their doctor revealed a terrible diagnosis with extreme coldness. That happened to Francisco Millán, a 45 year-old lung cancer patient from Barcelona. Five years ago his oncologist told him he would not live more than two years. Five years on, and thanks to innovative treatments, he has a good quality of life and his new doctor expects him to be in good health for a long time.

Empathy and compassion are not taught in medical school but it is essential for patients to receive compassionate care to help them manage the uncertainty of living with a health condition. With the goal to recognise professionals and teams that are committed to compassionate care, HIMSS Europe launched the European Kate Granger Awards last year, named after an English doctor who worked tirelessly to raise awareness around compassion in healthcare while undergoing treatment for cancer. Kate (1981-2016) initiated the campaign #hellomynameis to promote compassion and empathy towards patients.

Eilis Session, a nurse and social care manager from Ireland, was 2017’s winner. She was recognised for her work as the manager of Living With Dementia, a programme that empowers people with dementia in Dublin.

 “Compassionate care isn’t just about the care that is given but about the way it is delivered- it is about how the patient as a person is listened to, heard, their needs and fears dealt with and how they are kept updated – no decision about me without me. Compassionate care has to be a whole healthcare system approach,” says Session.

The European Kate Granger Awards have three categories: individual, team/organisation, and best use of innovation. The panel of judges will want to see evidence of ambitious and innovative ways of delivering care, excellent leadership and positive impact on patient experience. Nominations can be filled out on this website.

The winners of the European Awards will be announced at the HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 Conference on 27- 29 May in Sitges (Barcelona). The conference is expected to gather over 2,000 stakeholders from around the world in the field of digital health.

You can follow updates on Kate Granger Awards by using the hashtags:  #HIMSSEurope18 and #hellomynameis

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