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At the ENGAGE 16 conference in San Diego recently, Eric Topol, Director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute, said we were in the process of “waving goodbye to one-size-fits-all  medicine” – but that the shift could not happen unless patients were to “control their own health data”.

“We are going to be leaving population medicine — where it’s one size fits all — in favour of individualised medicine,” the Scripps cardiologist predicted. This individualisation “infers that patients should drive their own care”, Topol said.

To get there, patients will need to control their own health data, said Topol. He noted that only one state in the US grants citizens legal ownership of their health information; everywhere else in the US, medical offices and health systems control patient records he said. “That’s completely wrong. That has to get fixed,” he said. “It should be your data,” - and went so far as to call patient data ownership “a civil right that’s yet to be granted”.

Read the full story here – Patient data ownership a civil right that’s yet to be granted

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