Digital Help For Better National Health

When the UK’s Department of Health amalgamated dozens of science and disease prevention bodies into one new agency, it brought in a man called Professor Kevin Fenton to help drive a key part of its work, wellbeing. You may not be surprised to learn that Fenton immediately started looking for help to make digital a central focus of that project.

“What do I want to do in the next year? Ensuring that we are building out our online and digital health tools in partnership with the NHS, with the voluntary sector and with others – to ensure we have a robust national platform to help to improve national health.”

That’s the view at least from Professor Kevin Fenton – the former medic turned administrator for the UK’s Public Health England (PHE) service, a public sector body set up to improve the nation’s health and wellbeing, as well as try and reduce health inequalities. And that quote certainly seems to suggest that at least one policymaker has become a convert to the idea of national digital health approaches.

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