patient power

The Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine (NST)’s Line Linstad does not believe in pity. “Rather, I want to empower people who have difficulties,” she says. And that is really what she has been doing since starting her career at the Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled People, an umbrella organisation of lobby groups for handicapped people, states Cornelia Wels-Maug, in an article in HIMSS Insights this month.

Having a disability herself, Linstad felt she was at the right place and enjoyed working as a health planner across 12 hospitals. She has been striving purposefully to acquire the knowledge to facilitate empowerment of consumers and patients when it comes to health-related matters and IT has been a welcome toolkit along the way.

However, when in 2002 Norway’s federal government took over hospital ownership from the councils, Linstad’s job was made redundant, and she was transferred to the NST, which forms part of the University Hospital of Northern Norway. “My career took a turn and I started at the hospital’s telemedicine department,” Linstad comments. She had not considered herself working in the field of eHealth, but found herself positively surprised: “With telehealth being such a potent tool to empower patients, being there made sense. Using information and communication technology has allowed me to figure out different ways to enable patients to communicate in new ways. By empowering the patient, you automatically empower care-givers.”

You can read the full story here – Patient Power!

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