EUROPE - (HealthTech Wire / News) - Today's fast-paced world is leaving many professionals feeling they are sometimes 'behind the curve' when it comes to the latest developments in their field, especially in healthcare, where the sheer volume of literature and clinical research published is itself a major obstacle to keeping fully current. Technology is available that can ease this burden, however. Clinical Decision Support is the name for a class of tools that seek to be intelligent assistants to busy doctors, helping them to improve patient outcomes.

But how to get Clinical Decision Support delivered as a service to clinicians at the point of care?

If you are a hospital Chief Information Officer, a Chief Medical Information Officer, a Clinical Director or senior decision maker, the upcoming HIMSS Industry solutions webinar, "Healthcare IT Initiatives: Clinical Decision Support at the point of care to improve patient safety and outcomes", will be of interest for you.

Webinar at a glance

During the webinar, Uwe Buddrus, Senior Consultant, HIMSS Europe, will give an introduction to clinical decision support. He will be followed by James F. Wiley II, MD, MPH, an in-house physician editor for Adult and Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Wolters Kluwer Health who will outline the importance of practicing evidence-based medicine at the point of care. Utilizing study results, customer surveys and practical examples, he will discuss the impact of Clinical Decision Support systems on the quality of patient care, as well as on aspects of hospital management. Dr Wiley's talk will be completed by a presentation from colleague Greg Beader, Senior Product Manager UpToDate and responsible for developing new enterprise solutions at the organization, who will detail the options to integrate a CDS solution in the hospital IT stack to ensure effective point of care availability.

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