Hospital de Dénia 'Marina Salud' achieves Stage 6 of the HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standards

Hospital de Dénia “Marina Salud” has successfully validated at Stage 6 against the HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standards. Hospital de Dénia remains part of a world-wide group of hospitals who have excelled in this area.

DÉNIA, Spain —  (HealthTech Wire / News) —  On 1 January 2018 HIMSS Analytics released an updated set of EMRAM standards in order to significantly raise the bar and align with the critical role that technology and information plays in modern day health care. As such, Hospital de Dénia is the first hospital in Europe to be successfully validated against the new standards. One of the more demanding aspects of the new standards is to have a comprehensive deployment of the closed loop process for medication, blood and human milk as well as a mature approach to cyber-security, business continuity and disaster recovery.  

Hospital de Dénia, with 211 beds, has made an outstanding use of their Electronic Medical Record Millennium product developed by the Cerner Corporation. The maturity of their deployment allowed them to validate against the previous Stage 7 standards before the change on 1st January. This recent award demonstrates their continuous commitment to IT enabled transformation and EMR maturity.  

"When we decided to evaluate in accord with the new HIMSS EMRAM criteria, we were conscious that the requirements were more challenging than those in 2012. Comparing against the new standards was a conscious decision and a way of demonstrating progress. We are very proud of this achievement and of being the first European hospital with HIMSS Stage 6 recognition,” says Luis Carretero, CEO of Hospital de Dénia.

John Rayner, HIMSS Analytics Regional Director said, “This is a great hospital who are committed to improving patient safety and the overall quality of clinical care through the advancement of technology. The difference for many hospitals between the old standards and the new will present a real challenge. I am pleased that Hospital de Denia have chosen to have their progress recognised in this way.”

Vicent Moncho Más, CIO of Hospital de Dénia, said, "The new, updated EMRAM criteria have been adapted to the present and pose a challenge as they force technological evolution, cultural change and they mark a clear road map going forward. Being the first hospital to achieve this HIMSS Stage 6 award comes as a result of a real effort from our dedicated professional teams.”

Hospital Dénia “Marina Salud” will receive the award at HIMSS Europe 18 which will take place in Sitges, Spain between 27- 29 May 2018. The event is organised by HIMSS Europe and has the support of many partner organisations. The event is expected to attract in excess of 2,000 Health IT and clinical leaders.

The EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) is an eight-stage model that measures digital maturity in hospitals. Achieving EMRAM Stage 6 reflects the desire of the hospital to become paperless and to use Information Technology in a way that creates benefit for both patients and clinicians.

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