As a result of climate change and rising costs, IT managers are increasingly looking for dynamic new energy-saving solutions. To discover the latest clean technology, we touched base with a sustainable new hospital, examined an energy-saving project involving existing infirmaries and pored over plans for the world’s first Passive House Hospital.

Green IT is not just a priority for new-builds, now older health facilities are also looking at innovative ways of reducing their carbon footprint.

The New Karolinska Solna Hospital in Sweden aims to become the world’s most sustainable university hospital when it opens in two years. Environmental Manager Gustav Eriksson says energy-saving technology is essential: “We find green IT important because we want to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and also decrease hazardous substances that are built into the hardware, such as plasticisers in computer shells or mercury in screens. And we will use the excess heat from servers by returning it to our heating system where we can, by heating the rock beneath the hospital, save energy and use it during winter.”

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