How connectivity and interoperability can drive patient centric care

Centering care around the patient is a key goal of healthcare providers today, which is constantly in discussion. The question is, where do we start moving the patient to the center and how can this be achieved? Connectivity and interoperability seem to be two major levers to achieve this goal.

In the webinar “Driving patient-centric care through data” on 25 September 2018, Dr. Lennart Jahnke from the University Medicine Mannheim in Germany will elaborate on the strategic role of eHealth solutions to improve healthcare for liver patients.

Moving the patient to the center means to provide a patient-centric data flow ensuring that the appropriate information related to the patient history is transferred to all necessary entities contributing to the patient´s recovery. In the liver case this means to facilitate the communication between the individual specialists (e.g., gastroenterologist) and different institutions. Connecting with referring doctors and institutions is, however, challenging due to a lack of the appropriate IT infrastructure in many hospitals with regard to privacy and security issues as well as from a human resource perspective, i.e. highly qualified IT professionals are often missing.

In his talk, Dr. Jahnke will touch upon the meaning of a CDO (Chief Digital Officer) in a complex healthcare environment and, in this context, also point out the difficulties that digitalization poses to healthcare. In addition, Dr. Jahnke will introduce the operating principle of the Mannheim Livernetwork and explain why eHealth solutions are an essential building block that hospitals of today need to focus on.

Join us for the webinar and learn more about eHealth Solutions.

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