Maximising the infinite potential of health data in a patient-centric way is a defining issue for caregivers. This hub will keep you up to date with newest developments in European healthcare & data storage, processing, security, and many others.

Interoperability: The Ripple Effect

Some projects are now cracking the interoperability puzzle, reaping the benefits and seeing the impact.

How to consolidate data to improve patient care?

Participants of the InterSystems workshop organised as part of the HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 Conference were given practical advice.

WEBINAR: Driving patient-centric care through data

Join our panel of experts for a lively and illuminating discussion!


How connectivity and interoperability can drive patient centric care

Centering care around the patient is a key goal of healthcare providers today, which is constantly in discussion. The question is, where do we start moving the patient to the center and how can this be achieved? Connectivity and interoperability seem to be two major levers to achieve this goal.

Wanted: A platform for big data projects

The ability for researchers to share data from multiple sources is a basic requirement for the big data projects that are shaping the future of healthcare delivery across Europe. The timing of the emergence of OHDSI’s OMOP common data model could hardly be better.

'With every measles outbreak, people check their vaccination history'

Many European healthcare systems try to implement patient-centric access to health data and provide guidance on health apps. Portugal has been pushing ahead with both tasks recently. Insights talked to Henrique Martins, President of Shared Services at the Portuguese Ministry of Health, during the recent EU Digital Assembly 2018 in Sofia.

Patient data: It's time to address the ethical questions

Claus Nielsen, whose new foundation seeks to ensure patient data is used responsibly, tells HIMSS TV that reform is needed when it comes to the ownership of healthcare data, especially when it comes to giving patients more access.

German hospital partners on data sharing project

Dr Lennart Jahnke, Chief Digital Officer at Germany's University Medicine Mannheim, talks about a partnership with Siemens to give patients facing liver disease broad access to their health data...

GDPR can be a really good thing for international healthcare

Ron Roozendaal, CIO at the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, says the regulation gives patients a deeper stake in their own data.

'A move towards freedom from digital feudalism'

All over Europe healthcare systems are asking how to make intelligent use of patient data. Far less discussed is the ownership structure of electronic health records. The prevailing model is that countries, regions, health insurers or other players offer such records and ask tech companies to implement them. There is an alternative model, though,...

“Embracing digital will be the key skill of any healthcare enterprise”

Belgian healthcare futurist, author and cancer researcher Koen Kas will be one of the leading keynote speakers at the next Swiss eHealth Summit in Bern (11-12 September). Prior to the event he shares his vision of how digital tools may facilitate us to avoid sickness - giving various examples of why adopting new technologies is the key for better...

More than a vision: The data robot is watching you

Improving hospital care by big data analytics: This is today’s reality at Sao Jao Hospital Center in Porto. It is not that the bots have taken over there. But they make themselves known whenever they are needed.

Data projects boost precision medicine in Spain

Precision medicine is giving birth to leading Spanish-based projects that use big data to speed up rare diseases diagnosis and upgrade research in haematological malignancies treatment.

‘Prepare for a new human-driven data economy’

Dr Liisa-Maria Voipio-Pulkki, Director General, Chief Medical Officer, Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and Antti Kivelä, Director, Empowering Society, at Finnish innovation fund, Sitra, talk about IHAN, the fund’s new initiative to put data in the hands of the citizen.

Leading digital transformation and big data in medicine

The second annual HIMSS Impact event, which runs 17-18 October at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam, just outside Berlin, will focus on two distinct themes in two programme tracks – 'How to Lead Digital Transformation within the Healthcare Sector' and the already established topic of 'Big Data in Medicine' (the...

Treasure in the cloud

Throwback attitudes and security concerns about the cloud are preventing the UK’s health sector from positioning itself as a major player in the emerging data economy. Now, according to service provider UKCloud Health, stakeholders in every area should remove the blinkers and replace their insular IT strategies with cloud-based models that are...

Systematic to provide new EPR for Region of Southern Denmark

Danish software firm Systematic makes successful bid to supply a new electronic patient record (EPR) for the Region of Southern Denmark

ECCO and CODE unite to improve cancer care in Europe

The Collaboration for Oncology Data in Europe (CODE) and European CanCer Organisation (ECCO) have joined forces on a new project to help improve cancer outcomes measurement across Europe.

Improving clinical decision support

Doctors, researchers and patients need improved computerized clinical decision support. The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research is working on it.

European Commission steps up efforts to boost free flow of data

European Commission proposes a series of measures to increase availability of data within the EU and boost healthcare data sharing.

Facebook presses ‘pause’ on medical data sharing plan

Facebook halts plans to combine patient data from US hospitals with information on them from their social networking activity in the wake of recent privacy debacle.

Does caring mean sharing?

Anxieties about patient data confidentiality continue to simmer in the wake of the Information Commissioner’s report into DeepMind’s partnership with the Royal Free. If nothing else, it has served as a reminder that the end-game of technology enabling better care in no way negates the need for hospitals to be crystal clear about their data sharing...

Standardised telemedicine for disease management

A new telemonitoring framework has been set up in Austria to facilitate telemedical infrastructures with ease. Disease management programmes can therefore be applied to mobile scenarios if necessary. Personal health devices will be integrated into the ELGA network via the open Continua standard – is this the way forward?

CIOs: Is your health organisation ready for the GDPR?

The GDPR will come into force exactly four months from today (25 January). With the threat of fines of up to €20 million or four percent of annual turnover, it has caught the eye of CIOs across Europe.

PCHAlliance releases latest version of the Continua Design Guidelines

New Continua Design Guidelines enable integration of patient-generated data into Electronic Health Records to support chronic disease management, built on HL7 FHIR specifications

EHRs: Could blockchain get the party started?

The seamless flow of health information is often cited as a key factor in the effective engagement between patients and their health providers. Unfortunately, today's healthcare markets have lagged behind on this measure amid legacy IT systems that are slow, archaic and siloed...

Hyland is addressing the clinical blind spot

Digitising patient information is a step in the right direction, but siloed repositories of digital information are not the desired outcome. To improve patient care, a holistic view on patients’ medical information is needed, including structured and unstructured content. Razvan Atanasiu, CTO Enterprise Imaging at Hyland explains how the company...

Big data ― big concerns

To deliver on the promises of big data, many issues need to be tackled, chief among them are trust into data, interoperability and data governance. It will need a collaborative effort and MEDICA 2017 showcased diverse initiatives to address those issues.



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