As the power of digital leadership is establishing its role in many strategies across the board, we aim to bring you weekly accounts of informaticians that actually deliver. From implementation to sign-off reviews, we will showcase best practice examples and let you know what you need to stay away from.

HIMSS and Health 2.0 take the most influential digital health conference to Finland

HIMSS and Health 2.0 continue to strengthen their ties and choose one of the most innovative countries worldwide to host the 2019 conference.

Healthcare IT at its earliest stage?

In 2025, the health and care space will largely be 15 years into widespread digitisation. Is that when we’ll see major disruption and transformation?

EU Cloud in Health Advisory Council members meet at HIMSS Europe 18 & Health 2.0 conference to frame transformation charter

Clinical involvement to underpin the EU Cloud in Health Advisory Council’s strategy


It's not about technology; it's about culture

Lucien Engelen, Director of the Radboud Innovation Center in the Netherlands, says effective adoption of new technology in healthcare often depends on understanding that it is only part of what drives better patient care..

How one hospital system in Italy became a Stage-6 standout

Giovanni Delgrossi, Chief Information Oficer at Italy's Vimercate Hospital, explains how the system used the EMRAM model to streamline operations and ultimately secured buy-in from its physicians and nurses...

HIMSS opens calls for proposals for HIMSS19

Submissions for speaking opportunities at the health IT conference are open until July 16, 2018.

Inspiring innovation

Dr Cristina De Juan, IMT Innovation founder and CEO, talks to us about the power of digital health innovation, and how training for healthcare organisations – at individual and industry level – is key to building trust in tech and ultimately advancing healthcare through digital tools.

Not enough recognition of women executives, Women in Health IT report reveals

The findings from the Annual survey were made public during the HIMSS Europe 18 and Health 2.0 Conference.

Steve Wretling Named Chief Technology and Innovation Officer for HIMSS

The former global CTO for DaVita is the third recent big hire for HIMSS, joining a new chief clinical officer and executive VP of international.

Understanding Sweden's eHealth 2025 strategy

Karina Tellinger McNeil, Strategist of the Swedish Association of Local Authorities ad Regions, outlines plans for Sweden to lead in the digitisation of healthcare.

EMRAM Stage 6 and Stage 7 Key Performance Indicator Report 2018 now available

The 2nd publication about Key Performance Indicator of Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model℠ (EMRAM) Stage 6 and Stage 7 awardees in Europe and Latin America has now been released.

Dutch MoH: 'The government as a system therapist'

Erik Gerritsen, Secretary at the Dutch Ministry of Health, tells theChief Clinical Officer of HIMSS, Charles Alessi, how he would like all healthcare stakeholders to work towards a shared purpose and plans to ensure healthcare providers are sharing their data to improve care and drive interoperability

The CIO superhero

I have reflected before on the pressure I feel to be some sort of CIO Superhero, and the expectation that I be an expert of all things data, information, knowledge and technology. It also appealed to my sense of heroic leadership – leading from the front, making all the right decisions despite what colleagues around me might say as I prove them...

Hospital de Dénia 'Marina Salud' achieves Stage 6 of the HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standards

Hospital de Dénia “Marina Salud” has successfully validated at Stage 6 against the HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standards. Hospital de Dénia remains part of a world-wide group of hospitals who have excelled in this area.

HIMSS Appoints Two Leaders to Executive Team Bringing World-Class Strategic and Clinical Expertise to its International Operations

Public Health England Senior Advisor Dr Charles Alessi and business strategist Bruce Steinberg join HIMSS to lead the global evolution of the organisation as it transitions to a new era.

HIMSS Europe Future50 list of digital healthcare leaders revealed

This week, HIMSS Europe has revealed the list of the top fifty names in digital health who have made it into the Future50 community, an initiative supported by IBM Watson Health.

Help! The hospital CIO is being stretched!

Some recent evolutions are making life more complex for hospital CIOs if not more interesting. Traditionally the hospital CIO would quietly work on keeping the systems within the walls of the hospital alive and clicking.

BLOG: Interoperability - what’s taking us so long?

Digital is a huge buzzword in healthcare right now. However, even though we have witnessed the impact of digital technology in other areas, healthcare still remains one of the aspects of human life with less adoption of digital solutions.

Digital health in Italy: The race is on

Italian healthcare may not be at the level of digital maturity of some other European countries, but it’s made significant progress in the past year, with six Italian hospitals now at EMRAM Stage 6 – no mean feat when budgets for hospitals have been frozen at the same level for the past ten years. But the focus is on getting digital services to...

US FDA: Digital health remains at top of agenda for 2018

After what was widely viewed in the US as a groundbreaking year for digital health oversight, the country’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to maintain its focus on easing the pathway for innovative technology and devices.

Vimercate hospital in Italy successfully revalidates as EMRAM Stage 6 hospital

Vimercate hospital in the region of Lombardia (Italy) has been successfully revalidated at Stage 6 of the international HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standards on 14 December 2017.

The 2017 EMRAM trailblazers

New figures from HIMSS Analytics reveal that around 200 hospitals from Europe and Latin America were validated at Stage 6 and 7 of the EMRAM last year.

BLOG: A look into the crystal ball - The European eHealth agenda for 2018

Europe is great. You start to think about a blog post on next year’s eHealth agenda, and within minutes you find yourself studying online dictionaries in various languages because you realise that predicting the future is not the same in different parts of our world.

BLOG: We must keep investing in leadership

The release of the 2nd HIMSS Analytics Annual European eHealth Survey has recently provided us with a wealth of new data highlighting the key issues facing healthcare providers in the digital space. But although the findings pointed to the usual suspects in terms of challenges, a number of interesting variations emerged – particularly regarding...

St Jansdal Hospital achieves HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7

St Jansdal Hospital in the Netherlands has successfully validated at Stage 7 of the international HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standards.

King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh becomes first in the world to achieve DIAM Stage 6

HIMSS Analytics® announced today that King Abdulaziz Medical City (KAMC) Riyadh has achieved Stage 6 on the Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM). This model is an international benchmark for the use of advanced digitization in imaging IT to improve patient care. KAMC Riyadh is the first facility in the world to achieve this high level of...

A hospital is not a yacht. It is a cruise ship

Being the head of hospital IT is not about working quietly on details that no one else is bothered about any more. These days, a hospital CIO is in the centre of a perfect storm, which is great on the one hand. Never before has the job been so diverse. But it can also distract from the path ahead. Sometimes, innovative ideas have to grow.



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