Patient Empowerment

Systems worldwide are experiencing unprecedented pressures. In healthcare, this new era is extremely threatening, but patient empowerment is one promising, evolving method to deal with increasing constraints. This hub will give you the latest examples on patient access, engagement and experience.

Teleconsultation in practice

App-based consultation services are growing in popularity in the UK, with some patients embracing them like ride-hailing apps and mobile banking

Spain: Bridging the gap between technology and consciousness

Will consciousness someday be electromagnetically measured and altered?

Scottish digital tech firm raises largest-ever Series A funding round

Edinburgh health tech start-up, Care Sourcer, has raised £8.5m (€9.6m) in funding to enable it to expand its unique care-matching technology


BLOG: Touchscreens, digital patients and data

App stores are flooded with thousands of applications, ranging from weight reduction, to nutrition, diabetes management and blood pressure control – enabling the generation of large data volumes. Those can be shared with our doctors, partners, friends, parents, colleagues or peers for support, feedback and collective behaviour change. What is the...

Why patient-to-patient support makes all the difference

WarOnCancer CEO Fabian Bolin talks about how transformative it can be when patients can share compassion and emotional support with each other.

'Patient-to-patient support can make all the difference'

WarOnCancer CEO and co-founder, Fabian Bolin, tells Charles Alessi, Chief Clinical Officer of HIMSS, why patients should share experiences and data to transform patient care and boost mental health

Involve the end user!

The opening keynote sessions at HIMSS Europe 18 held a common thread which suggested that the future of digital health must be co-created with all of the end users of digital tools, but that the initial steps have only just been taken in this journey.

Healthcare IT in Europe: The patient as a co-builder

Facing the silver tsunami of an ageing population, healthcare will have to use data and information in ways not used before. Success, though, will only come when the patient is understood as being the co-builder of the healthcare information space.

Building trust in health apps

Providing quality checks for health apps is something that is discussed in many European healthcare systems. But few have taken decisive steps to offer this kind of support to patients. Insights went to the UK to explore NHS Digital’s new app assessment programme and find out how you can get your app into the NHS Apps Library.

mHealth is booming, so why are CDM apps lagging behind?

The use of mobile health apps is skyrocketing, with the global mHealth market projected to reach the equivalent of €23.2bn this year. So why have apps for chronic disease management (CDM) never yet made it off the ground?

Nearly half of online GPs are unsafe, says UK report

Findings published today reveal that standards of care at 43% of non-NHS online GP services in England are below required safety levels.

'Compassionate care has to be a whole healthcare system approach'

One frequent complaint among patients is the lack of empathy they perceive from healthcare professionals.

Not all Europeans are created as equals

Europe is divided once again. The digital patient is a reality in some countries, while in many others, the paper patient continues to dominate. Insights has travelled to the extremes. We visited Sweden to learn how it feels for a patient to become ever more digital. And we went to the other side of the wall, to Germany, where a fully digital...

Compassion vs. computers: Does it have to be a tug of war?

On the surface, interpersonal patient-provider relationships and healthcare IT would appear to work against each other. How can a provider be empathetic when she is fulfilling reporting requirements on an EHR? How can a patient forge a deep relationship with his GP when he relies primarily on patient portal interactions?

FDA approves first pill with digital tracking system

Abilify MyCite will become the first drug on the US market that includes a trackable system.

Mental health chatbots - The future of therapy?

Mental care is among the medical disciplines that are most actively embracing artificial intelligence solutions. Chatbots are said to be the state-of-the-art work tool dedicated to our emotional wellness. Where and how can they support traditional psychotherapy?

Digital health vs engagement: can education round this up?

Working to promote how technology improves our health and healthcare services, we tend to assume that people will be eager to embrace solutions designed to help them better manage their health. Although it’s true that many people increasingly want to monitor their care themselves, this tendency is mostly related to wellness or fitness purposes.

European Kate Granger Awards are back for another year

HIMSS Europe will be launching the second year of the European Kate Granger Awards for Compassionate Care at eHealth Tallinn, Estonia on the 16-18 October 2017.

New blog: Patient engagement. Don’t fall in love with technology too much.

Digital patient involvement can be done, but it is not easy. A recent and rather disappointing clinical trial is just another case in point.

HIMSS Europe and HIMSS UK Launch stand-alone platforms for established media brands

HIMSS Europe and HIMSS UK have launched dedicated channels for two of its established online media brands, Insights and the British Journal of Healthcare Computing (BJ-HC).

Is eHealth taking a siesta in Spain?

eHealth has progressed in Spain as new channels of communication and possibilities to deliver care appear across the country. But most initiatives do not benefit the greater numbers as their range is limited by a crippling regional mapping of healthcare and the system’s immaturity at the time of leveraging data.

Patients know best?

"Digital infrastructures have to be patient-centred – this is a mantra that every 21st century healthcare politician has learned routinely. In practice, handing over the power to the patient can be difficult though. Privacy concepts and patient rights are not clear-cut. They depend, at least partly, on the technical infrastructure and the...

EXCLUSIVE: Brexit Health Alliance established to safeguard patient care

As the Brexit negotiations get underway, it is critically important to ensure that patient care and the population’s health will be protected as the UK withdraws from the EU. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly clearer that leaving the EU will have significant implications for the health sector.

HIMSS Europe and Health 2.0 to co-locate the most influential digital health conference in Europe next year

HIMSS Europe and Health 2.0 are joining efforts to co-locate the most influential digital health conference in Europe next year. In April, HIMSS’ acquisition of Health 2.0 Conferences was announced, and the two organisations have since come together to design a digital health event that will bring the best of both worlds: HIMSS Europe’s knowledge...

Open the data, empower the patient

ehealth, Estonia, patient empowerment

HIMSS Europe joins the team for innovative eHealth event to take place in Tallinn, Estonia in October 2017


Donostia University Hospital achieves HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 6

eHealth Week, patient data

Galician platform É Saúde enables patient empowerment



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NEW: HIMSS brings first-of-its-kind online broadcasting network to UK e-Health Week 2018
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NEW BLOG: Integrated clinical history for better patient care
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HIMSS Insights@HIMSSInsights 09.05.2018
Public Health England Senior Advisor Dr Charles Alessi and business strategist Bruce Steinberg join to lead…
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