Leading digital transformation and big data in medicine at HIMSS Impact18

The second annual HIMSS Impact event, which runs 17-18 October at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam, just outside Berlin, will focus on two distinct themes in two programme tracks – 'How to Lead Digital Transformation within the Healthcare Sector' and the already established topic of 'Big Data in Medicine' (the theme of the inaugural HIMSS Impact in 2017).

POTSDAM, Germany - (HealthTech Wire / News) - “Whether you’re a clinician, a C-suite manager, or a CEO, this event’s for you”, says Rainer Herzog, General Manager DACH, HIMSS Europe GmbH. “Research insights, latest industry information and digital strategies will really give delegates something to take home with them so they can achieve tangible outcomes for their organisations. Those looking to steer their healthcare organisations confidently into the digital age should mark this event firmly in their diaries.”

The list of speakers will include Dr Dominic King (Clinical Lead at DeepMind Health), Rachel Dunscombe (CEO NHS Digital Academy), Jan-Eric Slot (CIO/ CMIO member of the executive committee, Bernhoven Hospital), Prof. Björn Bergh (Centre for Information Technology and Medical Engineering at Universität Heidelberg) and Prof Dr Christoph Herborn (Medical Director, Asklepios Kliniken).

King, Clinical Lead at DeepMind Health (DMH), will deliver a keynote titled 'AI-enabled healthcare: potential and challenges'. DMH was set up to build mobile tools and use AI research to help get patients from test to treatment as quickly and accurately as possible. DeepMind was founded in London in 2010 and in 2014, Google acquired DeepMind.

“Healthcare is really complex and becoming increasingly so,” states King. “Clinicians are under enormous pressure and, at DeepMind Health, we believe that artificial intelligence can provide nurses and doctors with better predictions to improve patient care. This may be picking up the earliest signs of disease on a scan which cannot be picked up by the human eye or looking through the medical record and identifying patients at risk of sepsis or acute kidney injury more quickly. All of this will positively impact both the clinician and patient experience, improving outcomes and facilitating better care. But we also recognise how important it is to build trust with patients and the public and we are spending a lot of time in conversation with service users, involving them at every stage of our work," King concludes.

 “Digital health has already had a significant impact on the way healthcare providers deliver care,” says Herzog. “So, if you are a healthcare executive and wonder how to steer your organisation through the digital transformation that lies ahead, HIMSS Impact18 will give you the tools you need to navigate the journey confidently.“

“We are in the midst of a period of exponential growth in nanotechnology, medical and information technologies, powering new approaches to generate, integrate and interrogate heterogeneous data at large scale with the potential to change fundamentally our understanding of health and disease,” says Professor Dr med Erwin Böttinger, Professor for Digital Health & Personalised Medicine and Head of the Digital Health Centre at HPI. “HIMSS Impact supports the exchange of international experts to shape future health through exploration of data.”

“HIMSS Impact18 offers you second-to-none chance to gain new knowledge, network and share best practice,” says Herzog. “It’s sure to be an unmissable event for every member of the healthcare ecosystem!”

You can register for the HIMSS Impact18 at www.himssimpact.eu

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