James Poehlmann and Geoff Clemmons

(HealthTech Wire / Interview) - James Poehlmann, Enterprise Informatics Marketing Manager and Geoff Clemmons, Enterprise Analytics Marketing Manager at Vital Images discuss the challenges that are facing the imaging industry today.

Many challenges are facing the imaging industry today – not only in Europe, but worldwide. Which imaging technologies can provide effective solutions, or at least take the pressure off a bit?

JP: There’s certainly an evolution going on in the imaging industry and this has become particularly pronounced in the last couple of years. It’s not untypical to find one solution for radiology, one solution for cardiology and so on. Often a patient’s imaging history, particularly those with chronic or severe critical conditions, is held in many different facilities. What we do, primarily through vendor-neutral archiving (VNA) technology, is bring that all together so that, though images may be stored in different places, they’re presented as one record for the clinician.

GC: As healthcare shifts to more preventative care strategies such as population health management, the emphasis will become more about capturing, visualising and interpreting data in ways that enable providers to deliver care and run their underlying businesses more efficiently. Our analytics solutions are designed to help people do exactly that. By unlocking access to data that may be stored in proprietary silos and making it available to users directly through a simplified visual interface, we are enabling imaging leaders to make critical evidence-based business decisions.

What solutions will you be showcasing at WoHIT 2016 that will help radiologists, cardiologists, oncologists and other health professionals to serve the patient better?

GC: One of the products we will be displaying is our suite of imaging analytics applications. These solutions help healthcare professionals optimise their imaging business operations.

JP: We will also be demonstrating our data streaming product, which provides clinicians with access to images that reside in different DICOM archives. It uses secure web technologies and delivers streaming fast access without costly consolidation and migration of imaging data – and because it uses DICOMwebTMtechnology, it can stream this to the user much faster than with a traditional DICOM. We’ll also be showcasing our diagnostic-quality, zero footprint viewing system, which can essentially provide fast, secure web-based access to patient information from multiple systems and archives, and our next-generation VNA solution.

What sets these products apart, as far as you are concerned?

GC: Many companies out there are touting their analytics solutions, but most of them are focused on clinical metrics. Our imaging analytics solution supports imaging leaders responsible for running the service-line business. Our product is able to collect information from the data stream, where transactional data generated during workflow steps has been normalised into standard healthcare communication protocols such as HL7 and DICOM. This gives us the ability to be a truly vendor-neutral solution – as we can aggregate data from virtually any upstream system.

Your corporate HQ is in the US. What are you offering that is particularly suited to the European market – and what makes it lend itself to European healthcare organisations in particular?

GC: Our analytics solution is built on a very extensible technology platform. This means that we can quickly customize the solution to accommodate new metrics that might stem from regional differences in workflows and reimbursement models for instance.

JP:Our products, it has to be said, are pretty universal. We also have a European focus team and offices in a number of European cities – so though our HQ is in the US, we are a very globally focused company.

Is there anything else that you would like to ensure our readers, leaders in healthcare IT throughout Europe, know about your offerings and what you are doing in this space?

GC: Vital is continuing to set the standard in imaging analytics. In the very near future, look for us to announce the advent of predictive analytics functionality within our product offerings. It’s exciting stuff!


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