Nordic healthtech for life

Nordic healthtech empowers individuals, patients, as well as professionals. It’s a paradigm shift, showcasing new and better ways to provide and receive health care. During the workshop “Nordic healthtech for life” (Monday, 28 July, 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm) at the HIMSS Europe 2018 and Health 2.0 Conference, HealthTech Nordic will show you how it can be achieved.

Attendees will be guided through the growing number of digital healthcare solutions available in the Nordics. On stage, Nordic startups will present empowering solutions to fully demonstrate the paradigm shift.

Sessions will include startups with solutions enabling elderly patients to solve common challenges, promoting health ageing, remote-monitoring solutions for patients with chronic conditions that allow professionals and family to intervene when dangerous situations arise, and solutions with a focus on prevention. These are all available to buy on the market today.

The workshop will be presented by Marianne Larsson, Innovation Skane Director of New Industries and Innovation and HealthTech Nordic Project Lead.

HealthTech Nordic is an accelerator and a community of pioneers in healthtech. The 150+ Nordic startups in HealthTech Nordic all provide empowering new digital technology, enabling the paradigm shift.

Together with healthcare professionals and patients, the new solutions not only lead to better quality and accessibility, proactive solutions and cost reduction.

They also improve patient experience and working conditions for professionals. Individual problems and systematic challenges are being solved, and it starts with empowering you. Learn more at

HealthTech Nordic

HealthTech Nordic brings together 150+ healthtech startups from the Nordics, of which a third are scaling, or are ready to scale, internationally. HealthTech Nordic accelerates the growth of startups and unite pioneers in the field of HealthTech. We’re here to connect the dots between innovative solutions, health care and a global market. Together, we advance ideas and unite resources to address worldwide healthcare needs while we drive regional development and job creation.

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