OPTEL launches verification and decommissioning solutions for hospital and retail pharmacies

QUEBEC CITY, CANADA - (HealthTech Wire / News) - OPTEL GROUP, a leading global provider of traceability systems for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, announced today that it has extended its expertise to include solutions for the healthcare industry, namely for hospital and retail pharmacies.

In fact, OPTEL's new Certa product line is specially designed to help hospital and retail pharmacies comply with the requirements of the European Union Falsified Medicines Directive (EU FMD), which comes into effect on 9 February 2019.

Building upon OPTEL’s 28 years of expertise in vision, inspection and traceability, OPTEL offers pharmacies a product that not only enables them to meet their immediate compliance needs, but also includes features that will enhance their long-term strategic operations.

The ergonomically designed OPTEL Certa performs 2D Data Matrix verification and decommissioning of prescription medications and provides connectivity to the National Medicines Verification System (NMVS) across all countries within the European Union.

OPTEL Certa has been developed with the end users in mind, ensuring easy operation that includes an automatic stop function and clear notifications displayed on a user-friendly interface. In addition, with its ability to connect to existing pharmacy IT infrastructures through the OPTEL Server, system integration requires only minimal assistance from pharmacy IT resources, thus decreasing the amount of operational downtime during installation. The connection to the NMVS through the OPTEL Gateway ensures that the verified Unique Identifiers (UI) are sent safely and securely to and from the national database.

OPTEL Certa is unique in that it is designed to assist pharmacies in making healthcare more efficient by leveraging collected 2D Data Matrix information, enabling better report generation processes of number of recalled, expired and recommissioned products. This system provides unparalleled visibility into pharmacy operations and inventory, enabling pharmacists to focus efforts on what truly matters ─ delivering the highest level of patient care.

“We’ve combined OPTEL’s expertise in traceability with in-depth customer insight, taking into consideration all aspects of pharmacy operations to create solutions that will enable pharmacy leadership teams to meet both short-term compliance requirements and long-term strategic goals,” states Ms Korina Fischer, Business Development Director, OPTEL for Healthcare segment. “We are contributing to securing the healthcare supply chain and the future of healthcare, making it sustainable for generations to come,” adds Ms Fischer.

This new addressable market is a logical next step for OPTEL, as ensuring the safety of patients has always been at the heart of the company’s operations. OPTEL for Healthcare is simply the extension of OPTEL’s commitment to healthcare, now bringing it even closer to people. For more information on our new offering, visit www.optelhealthcare.com.


Leading provider of traceability solutions for the healthcare industry since 1989, OPTEL has taken its commitment closer to people by extending its expertise and technologies to hospitals and retail pharmacies. OPTEL partners with key industry stakeholders, assisting them throughout the healthcare supply chain ─ from the factory to the patient.

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