Integrated care

Patient engagement doesn't happen without a patient's full commitment to the patient-doctor relationship, says an article in AAFP News this month. And not only does patient responsibility lead to better engagement with clinicians, but the more patients are engaged in improving their health, the better they will adhere to medical advice and adopt healthy behaviours, says the piece.

GP Gregg Stefanek, from the US, told the magazine that he tries to make patients feel comfortable before he jumps into a discussion of their health issues. "I also try to understand them," he said. "Everyone is a product of the love they have or haven't received. One of the basic human needs is to be understood. If patients feel like I care enough to try to understand them, then I'm in a much better place to be able to influence them."

Read the full story here - Health is Primary: Engaged Patients are Healthier Patients

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