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Accessing essential data from disparate systems, staffing limitations and lack of consistent strategy are among common issues that healthcare providers face in population health management, according to a new US survey.

And, according to the survey, reported in Health Data Management magazine this month, technology is key in overcoming these challenges.

Data as guide

The research, which focused on US health providers, revealed that 44% felt that obtaining sufficient staffing to run an effective population health programme was difficult. It also found that 38% of providers felt that without established best practices, achieving the best outcomes for an entire population was challenging. And 35% of all respondents indicated that they did not have adequate access to clinical data from disparate systems.

With data forming the very basis of population health, healthcare providers can only manage it if they have data to guide them, said the piece’s author, Allison Hart. Therefore, it is vital for teams to be able to leverage data from their electronic health records systems so they can better understand the makeup and needs of their overall patient populations.

Making reliable data accessible

From an IT perspective, one way to ensure population health success is to make sure reliable data is easily accessible, claimed the article’s author, Allison Hart. Clinicians typically need help retrieving and analysing data. By putting valuable data and key insights into the hands of clinicians, healthcare IT professionals can lay a foundation for successful population health management, she concluded.

You can read the full story here – Technology and population health

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