Systematic to provide new EPR for Region of Southern Denmark

Danish software firm Systematic makes successful bid to supply a new electronic patient record (EPR) for the Region of Southern Denmark


Danish company Systematic has won the tender for a new electronic patient record in the Region of Southern Denmark.

The firm, which already operates the patient record in Central Denmark Region and is responsible for parts of the patient records in North Denmark Region, won the tender after the regional council approved the choice of Systematic as the new supplier, on April 30.

The solution will be a comprehensive EPR solution for all five hospital units in the region: Odense University Hospital, Hospital Lillebaelt, Hospital South West Jutland, Hospital of Southern Jutland and the region’s psychiatric hospital.

In a release, announcing the win, Healthcare Denmark stated that the new system would benefit the region, which “initially wanted a standard system which is well proven and already in use, with the objective to ensure stability for the hospitals and ultimately stability for the patients.” 

“Denmark’s new and bigger hospitals require advanced hospital logistics solutions in order to meet productivity demands,” said Hans Erik Henriksen, CEO at Healthcare Denmark.

“Denmark’s new Digital Health Strategy also calls for more flexible and open EHR solutions, which are able to exchange and integrate more information within the national Danish healthcare IT infrastructure.

“Systematic’s COLUMNA EHR is a flexible and modular solution which includes Hospital Logistics modules.

"The solution is already in production in other Danish regions with full integration and data exchange on a national level.

"Apart from the specific inter-regional demands for EHR support, these are probably factors which have an impact on why a Danish Region would favour the Systematic COLUMNA solution in an EHR tender," he said. 

“We feel very honoured by the trust that the Region of Southern Denmark has shown in us,” says Systematic CEO, Michael Holm.

“We believe that we can supply the region with a solution that both patients and healthcare personnel can benefit from. In collaboration with our customers we have invested many hours to develop an ultra-modern solution that secures a high standard of both patient satisfaction and professional quality.”

“According to export and market relations, it is essential that we now supply an entire region. The potential is enormous, but first we will strive towards markets where the healthcare model is comparable to the Danish one. This could be Scandinavia, Holland, Scotland, Canada or even Australia,“ the CEO added.

The EHR project will cost around €35 million for the first three years, but then is estimated to cost the region around €140 million for the following ten years. The system is expected to be implemented in all regional hospitals by 2020.

Tonya Stewart

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