BRISTOL, UK - (HealthTech Wire / News) - Datix announced today that University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, one of the largest acute NHS Trusts in the country and the major teaching and medical research centre for the South West of England, has selected its patient safety software for incidents, complaints, claims and risk management.  The Trust has also purchased Datix dashboards, safety alerts and the latest Care Quality Commission (CQC) modules to create a flexible patient safety framework that supports over 8,000 staff and 100 clinical services and is designed to demonstrate regulatory compliance and drive continual improvements in quality care.

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation (UH Bristol) set out to procure a system with the functionality and configurability necessary to provide accurate data to a wide range of clinicians and healthcare managers at nine different sites.  After a full procurement process including the evaluation of ten technology providers, UH Bristol chose Datix because of its ability to meet all the selection criteria in a single, fully integrated solution. 

Sarah Wright, Risk Manager at UH Bristol commented, “Datix offered us everything we needed in one easy-to-use package. With all information held centrally, Datix effortlessly links incidents back to risks, tracks the progress of complaints and identifies potential areas for concern.  Previous first-hand experience of the system and the company’s record of continual product innovation reassured us that Datix was the right solution to improve our data quality and meet the challenging needs of our diverse and complex organisation.”

Prior to Datix, UH Bristol’s administration team carried out the majority of incident and risk data analysis manually using spreadsheets. This was a time consuming process. Going forward, staff including matrons covering multiple wards and departments, specialty managers, heads of services, divisional directors, clinical chairs and the Board will use Datix to extract graphically displayed, up-to-date patient safety information in real-time, saving valuable time. 

The web-based capabilities of Datix make it easy to log incidents and identify trends swiftly, as well as manage investigations and apply corrective strategies efficiently.  The Datix CQC module will help demonstrate compliance in accordance with the stringent requirements of the Care Quality Commission.  The technology will enable staff at UH Bristol to identify incidents and complaints, link them to a specific ward or department and then illustrate the improvements needed to meet CQC standards. 

Deborah Lee, Director of Strategic Developments and Deputy Chief Executive at UH Bristol and the Executive Lead for risk within the Trust said “In a complex, clinical organisation like UH Bristol, effectively managing risk is our business; it is the means by which we keep our staff and patients safe. I am personally passionate about ensuring we capture every incident and ‘near miss’ in the organisation to ensure that we never lose, a single opportunity to learn from our mistakes. I am confident that our decision to deploy Datix as our primary patient safety system will be a huge benefit to the Trust.”

As part of the initial implementation Datix will be integrated into UH Bristol’s Patient Administration System (PAS) and HR systems to drive further efficiencies and improvements in patient care.

Jonathan Hazan, Chief Executive of Datix, concluded, “Large, complex organisations like UH Bristol rely on the proven track record of Datix for support in a rapidly changing NHS landscape. They look to our tried and tested technology to integrate disparate systems and processes to create a joined up approach to patient safety.  The automation capabilities of Datix provide consistent and easy to understand data that keeps healthcare organisations one step ahead, enabling staff to devote themselves to frontline patient care and to improve safety for staff and patients across the organisation.”


Source: HealthTech Wire

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