(HealthTech Wire / Interviews) - In health IT all signs are pointing towards an increase in web-based solutions. However, the con-cept of one cloud fits all will not be able to meet the requirements. medatixx, a company specialising in software for practices, offers solutions which target individual segments of the market. According to Jens Naumann, managing director of medatixx, these products create the possibility of taking advantage of web-based solutions, while allowing doctors to retain control over their data.

There has been much debate recently about web-based solutions in outpatient care. Has the time come to introduce them to the market?

Doctors in outpatient care work with complex IT solutions which have been adapted to the needs of practices and medical care centres over the years. If a company introduces a web-based software for practices overnight the technology may indeed be cutting edge, but will not be able to compete with any established system in terms of functions. All the same, we are confident that web-based solutions will play a major role in the long-term future of our sector. However, we do not believe that there will be an overnight revolution.

What are the benefits of web-based solutions in outpatient care?

Take the updates, for example. In the autumn of 2013 a new medical fee scale (EBM) was introduced for GPs. For many weeks we received daily data updates from the health insurances, added last-minute information and corrected errors in the health insurance data. Doctors had to download updates repeatedly in order to work with a medical fee scale that was only just about error-free. If the fee scale were available as an internet service that would make things a lot easier for customers because the latest version would automatically always be online.

What would a gradual migration of outpatient care data onto the internet look like?

We believe that the most effective way is to offer the market a range of services which customers can choose from depending on their needs. Larger practices and medical care centres are keener on web-based solutions because they are working in the virtual world of IT anyway, which is frequently supplemented by Microsoft or Citrix terminal server technology. We have noted a rise in customer demand, and implementing these technologies offers some of the benefits of web-based applications.

And what about the vast majority of doctors practices which are neither large nor medical care centres?

The location where patient records are stored is of great importance. We do not believe that a ma-jority doctors will be willing to forfeit control of sensitive patient data in the near future. Therefore, a hybrid solution is a sensible online concept for these customers. In such cases patient-related data remain in the doctors practice, while services which provide public data, such as the fee scale, the ICD-10 and medication databases, are accessible online.

What will medatixx present to the the public at conhIT 2014 in terms of web-based solutions?

In April 2014 medatixx will launch a new, leaner hybrid software for practices. Its target group are in particular smaller practices. The new software offers them an attractive solution, which allows pa-tient data to be retained locally while offering updates and access to public data in the cloud. We are showcasing virtual versions of our tried and tested medical care centre and outpatient software applications x.vianova and x.concept for hospital outpatient units and care centres, which have been developed in conjunction with the United Web Solutions alliance.

The x.vianova patient record will be available as an ASP.NET component, which will make it possible to seamlessly embed our outpatient /care centre record in any web application (e.g. HIS). In regards to mobile solutions we are exhibiting an app based on HTML5 technology for use with smartphones and tablets. Thus we are able to offer solutions which satisfy every need of our market segment.


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