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One technology that every self-respecting CIO should know about – and one that is currently taking the healthcare world by storm – is blockchain. The younger sister to bitcoin - and once the domain of the financial sector alone - this technology is looking to become prominent in the healthcare industry, too. Why? It offers a means to interoperate, since all users of a network can access that network and all pieces of information are verified and show the history of transactions.

Bruce Broussard, president and CEO of health insurance company Humana, thinks that blockchain will become the next big healthcare technology innovation, particularly as it relates to payments and payer contracts. For example, in a situation where a health plan and patient are dealing with a contract, the blockchain can automatically verify and authorise information and the contractual processes. “There is no more back-and-forth haggling with the health plan about what was paid, why it was paid or whether it should have been paid,” he said, in a piece in Becker’s Hospital Review this month.

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