Maximising the infinite potential of health data in a patient-centric way is a defining issue for caregivers. This hub will keep you up to date with newest developments in European healthcare & data storage, processing, security, and many others.

EHRs: Could blockchain get the party started?

The seamless flow of health information is often cited as a key factor in the effective engagement between patients and their health providers

Hyland is addressing the clinical blind spot

Digitising patient information is a step in the right direction, but siloed repositories of digital information are not the desired outcome

Big data ― big concerns

Find out about what the big issues are at MEDICA 2017


The European eHealth patchwork

Healthcare IT continues to be insufficiently funded and supported in many parts of Europe. As a result, a lot of healthcare facilities are not as digitally mature as they could be. This is a key result of the Annual European eHealth Survey, conducted by HIMSS Analytics. The results also show that priorities in healthcare IT vary considerably...

‘Can we empower patients to become their own data guardians?’

Professor Christof von Kalle, head of the Department of Translational Oncology at the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, is passionate about how Big Data can benefit the patient - and every member of the healthcare ecosystem. But it will only fulfill its promise, he says, if we listen to patients as doctors do – and learn a bit...

Decision support: Making a difference can be easy

Digital alerts are among the most straight-forward healthcare IT tools to substantially improve patient care. This has been demonstrated once again. So why aren’t these tools ubiquitous?

‘Informing individual patient care with Big Data and predictive analytics is the Holy Grail these days’

As an intern in the US Department of Veteran Affairs in the ‘80s, Lou Fiore noticed how unique the organization was in its sophisticated handling of electronic medical records (EMR). Now Executive Director of the VA’s Massachusetts Veterans Epidemiology Research and Information Centre and Professor of Medicine at the Boston University School of...

Liberté Egalité Pataquès

More and more French hospitals are using data to improve patient outcomes, notably in medication prescription and administration, and to boost communication between patients and caregivers.

Analysing historic data to make selection and training processes more cost effective

Scott Baker, Product Manager at Hicom, one of the UK’s most established healthcare software companies, outlines how a focus on data quality and analytics can help drive efficiencies and cost savings in the recruitment, selection and training of UK health care professionals (HCPs).

Visualise an end to malaria

By means of data analytics and visualisation, PATH, an NGO leader in global health innovation and Tableau Foundation, a Seattle-based health IT expert, have teamed up in the campaign ‘Visualize No Malaria’. The goal is to end the infectious disease in Zambia by 2020. Insights has spoken to both partners and did not just find out the hidden story...

HIMSS IMPACT: So what’s all the fuss about?

There’s a big buzz around Big Data in our industry, right? One reason why the new HIMSS Impact International Symposium on Big Data in Medicine – which takes place in Potsdam, 20-21 November 2017 – is already kicking up quite a storm! HIMSS Insights talks to the organisers of this exciting new event –and finds out why you should make every effort...

Discuss the game-changing effects of Big Data at new HIMSS event

eHealth Week, Kate Granger

Outstanding eHealth achievements from across Europe are recognised at eHealth Week 2017

eHealth Week, European Commission

More political commitment needed, says European Commission

The drive towards digitisation in Malta


HIMSS Liège is “the Health IT event” for the Benelux region and the North of France

digital health, eHealth Ireland

Implementing technology in healthcare: change, adapt and keep moving forward!

Data Collection And Patient Privacy - A Balancing Act

Predictive Analytics And The Heart

EMC, eHealth Week

'Scaling up innovation is exactly what everyone is looking for’

'We need to start joining the dots at last'


Fourth EMRAM Stage 7 European hospital recognised in Turkey

HIMSS Analytics

First European hospital undergoes Continuity of Care evaluation by HIMSS Analytics team

The New Age Of Healthcare Data Storage

Hospital La Fe

The HIMSS Europe CIO Summit will bring together over 250 healthcare leaders from across Europe in Valencia

The Practical Approach To Protecting Patient Privacy

Analytics is the wave of the future

HIMSS signs national partnership with Netics to evaluate EMR Adoption of Italian healthcare providers



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