Innovation in healthcare technology underpins every striking improvement in the sector, for both patients and caregivers. From AI and blockchain to wearables and sensor technologies, this hub will let you know what you need to keep an eye out for to be one step ahead of the game

The avatar revolution?

A year before Facebook was launched, Peter Brady opened an agency that would increasingly focus on the digital sphere, and later on digital health

Startup wins connected health competition at mHealth Israel

Digital health startup providing personalised speech monitoring for patients with COPD wins competition at mHealth Israel conference

Image conscious decision making is the key to the future of data management

Data ownership, management and integration emerged as the most powerful technology drivers at Carestream Health’s Advisory Board in Dublin.


Opening the X-files of interoperability

Parallels are not often drawn between the life-saving efforts of the NHS and the supernatural investigations of the fictional FBI agents. But with speakers ranging from renowned characters like Dr Ben Goldacre, through to think-tanks and those at the forefront of connecting the UK’s health and care services, Joined-up Health & Care 2017...

RIS investment boosts diagnosis and treatment flows at Bahrain University Hospital

The King Hamad University Hospital (KHUH) in Bahrain has significantly enhanced the productivity and efficiency of its radiology department since implementing a new Radiology Information System (RIS) from medavis in 2015.

‘A lot of people think of virtual reality as a tool for the future’

Ashley Woolheater, Policy Associate at Oculus VR, is excited about the applications of virtual reality (VR) in healthcare – particularly in education. And this is not something we’ll have to wait way off into the future to use, she says – VR’s here and it’s here to stay!

'Discovering new ways to improve value is the biggest influence on integrated IT strategies today'

PACS, imaging

UK PACS win for Carestream announced

'Ikazia was attracted to Carestream's Clinical Collaboration Platform'

Learn about the latest innovations at the Sectra customer day, including the Digital Imaging Adoption Model

Telemedicine - Remote device monitoring is not ready for regular care!

From Barcelona with love

Telemedicine: To RCT or not to RCT?

imaging, carestream

Carestream Health partners with Zebra Medical Vision

imaging, carestream

CHU de Charleroi and Carestream collaborate successfully

Exit mannequins

Designing a unique and territorial health information system with Medasys solutions

Ready for take-off!

Connecting the Netherlands' hybrid healthcare system

apps, wearables

Health tech trends for 2017

imaging, carestream

Carestream signs first full Clinical Collaboration Platform contract in the Netherlands


Teleradiology: A battle rages

app, NHS

UK’s NHS trials AI to complement care helpline


Teleradiology - It's time for your close-up!

Integrated care

Privacy: ‘Adequate regulatory safeguards’ needed for fitness trackers

Europe's Telehealth Gridlock

Telemedicine: population health management’s rising star

Swapping physician screen time to patient face time

Swapping physician screen time to patient face time



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