Innovation in healthcare technology underpins every striking improvement in the sector, for both patients and caregivers. From AI and blockchain to wearables and sensor technologies, this hub will let you know what you need to keep an eye out for to be one step ahead of the game

Through the looking glass: AR helps surgeons ‘see through’ tissue

Clinicians at St Mary’s Hospital in London have successfully used AR technology to overlay CT scan images onto a patient’s leg in reconstructive surge

The HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 Conference: the number one meeting point for startups and investors

The conference will recognise the most innovative digital health solutions

conhIT 2018 focuses on digital transformation

From 17 to 19 April 2018 visitors to conhIT can get all the facts.


Blockchain and electronic health records: Hype or problem solver?

Electronic health records (EHRs) have been a long time coming, with blockchain touted as one of the technologies of promise, with a lot to offer in this field – specifically with relation to the minefield of issues relating to data privacy and patient autonomy.

AI could change ‘everything’ in healthcare, says Dr Robert Wachter

Dr Robert Wachter, Professor and Chair of the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, will be speaking at the HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 conference in May in Sitges, Spain, supported by the Dutch Ministry of Health.

Ireland: Tech teams from across Europe compete for €4m funding

Healthtech teams from across Europe compete next week in a ‘battle of the brains’ to find innovative solutions to tackle two major healthcare challenges: antibiotic resistance and using AI to improve patient care.

Are European healthcare systems ready for AI?

There are few technologies that have had the healthcare industry so excited in recent years as artificial intelligence (AI); and it’s not difficult to see why. But are Europe’s healthcare systems ready to embrace it?

Accelerating Saudi Arabia’s healthcare transformation with clinical documentation

HIMSS Europe and Nuance Communications Ltd. launch today the White paper 'Saudi Arabia ― How clinical documentation can help achieve Vision 2030'...

Paris Healthcare Week 2018 to offer four trade shows and conferences for all healthcare stakeholders

From 29 to 31 May 2018, the entire healthcare community will come together for the three-day Paris Healthcare Week event.

HIMSS Europe and Health 2.0 to host the most influential digital health event in Europe

The HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 Conference will gather close to 2,000 professionals and big names in healthcare innovation such as Robert Wachter, Helen Bevan and Lucien Engelen.

HIMSS acquires Healthbox to enter the innovation consulting field

The acquisition will enable HIMSS to offer hospitals guidance about bringing innovation into their systems and learning how to invest in and work with start-ups.

‘Confluence of forces’ to drive AI uptake in healthcare

Frustration with legacy IT systems and the ubiquitous use of mobile devices will drive the adoption of AI in healthcare, says US report.

Isn’t it time to get valuable insights off integrated healthcare data silos?

Vast – and increasing – swathes of patient-related data are now available, creating an opportunity for more effective diagnostics and more personalised treatment decisions, says Tonya Stewart.

Value: the new AI frontier

Artificial Intelligence has established a convincing foothold in healthcare, with its benefits increasingly well understood by clinicians and patients. Now, according to Enterprise Imaging leader Carestream, the emphasis should be firmly on its potential for delivering value through the improvement of quality, productivity and service.

Exciting times ahead as digital pathology and AI meet

AI will become “a critical tool in the tool box” for pathologists and will provide information and intelligence “that cannot be gleaned by human examination,” say US professors.

Nominations open for 2nd HIMSS-Elsevier Digital Healthcare Award in Europe

Call for outstanding ICT projects and innovations in healthcare to be nominated, in celebration of industry best practice.

BLOG: Big and small data - Solutions for hospitals hidden in databases

During the past two decades hospitals have invested large sums in advanced IT systems. Not many of them, however, use the IT potential to increase the quality of treatments, co-ordinate care and manage organisational processes. How can we change that ? Build a data management strategy.

Ghanaian telemedicine project leads the field in developing world

A successful telemedicine pilot in Ghana may hold the key to improving access to quality medical care in other developing countries.

Nanomedicine takes giant leap forward in fight against cancer

Chinese and American researchers join forces to develop ground-breaking robotic technology that successfully shrinks tumours.

More than 150 hospitals in Turkey achieve HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 6 in one year

In total, 166 hospitals have now been validated at Stage 6 of the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Model (EMRAM) in Turkey.

UK: VR mental health initiative wins £4m of funding

Financial boost for unique trial could pave the way for VR treatments on the NHS, for common mental health disorders like depression and anxiety

EU unveils controversial health tech bill to ‘boost innovation'

The European Commission unveiled plans last month (Jan 31) for a pan-EU Health Technology Assessment law, geared to boost co-operation among EU Member States for the assessment of health technology.

Healthtech incubator launched to put 'Belgium on the world map'

New initiative aims to address challenges surrounding healthtech innovations in Belgium.

Has Apple just made EHRs so much easier to swallow?

The launch of Apple’s new Health Records feature – which will enable consumers to see their medical records right on their iPhones – has all the markings of being a real game-changer when it comes to patients’ – and consumers’ - engagement around their health records.

Canada: New AR system means doctors can see under patients' skin without using the scalpel

"We wanted to create a system that would show clinicians a patient's internal anatomy within the context of the body," explained Ian Watts, developer of ProjectDR...

What’s app, doc? Irish hospital finds innovative solution to overcrowding

Tallaght Hospital in Ireland has released a new patient and visitor Smartphone app - hoping to improve facilities amid a huge bed-shortage crisis – making it the first Irish public hospital to launch its own Smartphone application.

IDC’s Top 10 predictions for healthcare IT in 2018

As new technology increasingly is adopted by healthcare organisations, says a new report by market intelligence provider IDC, a variety of new drivers are emerging that will affect how IT is used to enable better care.

Ordensklinikum Linz Elisabethinen achieves EMRAM Stage 6

Ordensklinikum Linz Elisabethinen in Austria has been successfully validated at Stage 6 of the international HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standards. In demonstrating compliance against the standards Ordensklinikum Linz Elisabethinen has clearly demonstrated its commitment to use technology to improve patient safety and the overall quality of clinical...



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If how can we reassure anxieties about patient data in the wake of the Information Commissioner’s r…
: Isn't it time to get valuable insights off integrated silos?
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“Telemedicine is one of the key tools to insure equal access to no matter where you live & what income…
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NEW: helps surgeons 'see through' tissue at
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Meet one of our list of digital healthcare leaders
: teams from across Europe compete next week in a ‘battle of the brains’ to find innovative solut…
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NEW: Cross-border genomic database sharing plan agreed by 13 European countries -
More than ten years ago, Spain set out to connect regional electronic patient information into a national record, b…
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U.S. FDA@US_FDA 17.04.2018
: The is considering overhauling its regulation. Insights finds out about a new pre-ce…
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NEW: and electronic health records: Hype or problem solver?
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Are European healthcare systems ready for AI?
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What role should play in '? interviews a leading from to find…
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Ireland: Tech teams from across Europe compete for €4m funding
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: is booming, so why are apps lagging behind?